American actress and model Peyton List is pretty private about her relationship status; however, her recent TikTok video has stirred up some interesting speculations. 

The actress is not officially dating anyone right now, but in her recent TikTok video, she was asked who her favorite Cobra Kai character was.

“Hawk. Hawk is my favorite character in Cobra Kai.” List responded shyly.

Jacob Bertrand, her co-star, stars as Hawk and is rumored to be her new boyfriend. 


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Many fans interpreted List’s repeated side glances to imply that Bertrand was in the room with her when she responded to the video. The video has got fans in a frenzy in the comments section. 

Fans also took to Twitter to react to the speculations. Some of them were supportive, stating that they were here for it, while others were not as elated at the news and lamented on the loss of a single Jacob Bertrand.

“I just lost my bf, Jacob Bertrand, to Peyton List, this woman won at life,” one user tweeted

List and Bertrand’s Friendship

Although the rumors of Peyton and Bertrand’s relationship are unconfirmed, the two seem to be pretty close friends and spend a lot of time together. 

Back in 2019, the two of them attended the Anthem of a Teenage Prophet premiere, which starred both List and her twin brother Spencer.

Bertrand uploaded an Instagram carousel of the night, including a photo of him and the twins, and complimented List in the captions. 


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The two of them also celebrated their birthdays together. On March 7, List uploaded a birthday post for Bertrand's 21st on Instagram. In the captions, List confessed photos of Bertrand were lacking in her Instagram.

List had one arm around Bertrand, and it looked like the two were training for Cobra Kai with Bertrand in his full white Karategi.

A month later, Bertrand uploaded a birthday wish for the twins on his Instagram. The first photo was grainy and had List leaning towards Bertrand with their head almost touching, while the second photo was of Spencer with a comical expression, ready to devour a cake.

He kept the captions short but mentioned that List looked cute in the photo. 

List’s Romantic History

List might be single currently, but the actress was previously linked with fellow actor Cameron Monaghan from 2017 to 2019. The two had first met on the set of the Anthem of a Teenage Prophet in 2017.

During an interview with Build Series, she revealed that the shared space shared by the cast gave her and Monaghan a chance to get to know each other better.

The two eventually formed a connection and became close friends. It did not take long for their friendship to turn amorous. “Cameron and I started realizing we liked each other and started dating after,” she said.

The actress also gushed about how Monaghan was understanding and nice. She explained that since both of them were busy with their schedules; they were considerate of each other and added that she couldn’t imagine a non-actor being this understanding. 

However, in 2019, the couple quietly called it quits but appeared amicable as they stepped out together for the premiere of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet