Nikita Dragun called over a tonne of attention from netizens as she made flirtatious comments to Alejandro Rosario in early 2021. 

Although there were multiple social media exchanges and public sightings made since then, both parties have publicly acknowledged that they are just good friends. 

The Rumors Began Early 2021

Seventeen reported back in February that Dragun and Rosario had been spending a lot of time together around that time, leading many to believe that there was a lot more than friendship brewing between the two. 

But the rumors were flying around a good month before that happened.

It all started with Dragun sneaking into the comments section in one of Rosario's Instagram snaps and asking him how old he was.

In the post that has now been deleted, the alleged boyfriend's response did not amount to much. However, the very next day, he went over to her Instagram and posted a comment on a picture of her tattoo. 

That was not at all suspicious, but then the beauty mogul thanked him for the picture. 

The Questionable Videos

Soon after, Rosario was seen in Dragun's big birthday bash, which she threw while the pandemic was in full swing.

The outlet reported that the two even posted cute selfies on her Instagram stories. 

They were also photographed by The Daily Stardust while they were driving together. 

The sightings don't end there. The fashionista later shared a TikTok where she silently mouthed the words, "Why does everyone think we [expletive]?" 

The clip then proceeded to capture her and Rosario grinding on each other.

Another TikTok clip on Rosario's profile saw him showing off his "little bank" and Nikita's "big bank."

The contents of the video were apparently so revealing that TikTok had to take it down because of the community guidelines. 

Anyway, in the comments of that same video, she announced that the two of them were just friends. 

Fans React

That being said, fans had moved on from "Who is Nikita Dragun dating?" to a completely different stance.

This had to do with the fact that Rosario had just turned eighteen a couple of months ago.

And they were quick to voice their opinions on Twitter. 

One fan wrote

Nikita Dragun is weird as [explitive] for making all these videos and comments about a boy who literally just turned 18.

In a follow-up tweet, they went on to add that Dragun trying to brush it off with "we're just friends" did not make a difference.

The Twitterati further added that it was not okay for her to be grinding against someone who "hadn't even been to senior prom" and "didn't have a credit score." 

Her Previous Relationship

Prior to this, Dragun was in another controversial relationship with model Michael Yerger. Dragun had originally signed Yerger on as a fake boyfriend for her videos, but later on, she went on to claim that things got more serious. 

She was also delighted at the fact that for the first time since her transition, she met a guy that she really liked, and he liked her back. 

But in July 2019, she came forward with a video claiming that she had her heartbroken and that Yerger was using the relationship to simply advance his career.

She even accused him of infidelity. 

Yerger's Side of Things

In response, Yerger stated the relationship that they had was never consensual.

Instead, it had always been contractual. Nevertheless, Yerger accepted the fact that being with the fashion mogul propelled his career to unprecedented heights.

However, the "relationship" was getting out of hand and uncomfortable when the videos of them started getting more and more explicit. 

So, he simply wanted to be done with the feeling that he was living a lie and quit the scene he was allegedly forced into.