Political reporter Melanie Zanona's relationship with her husband Jason Robert Millison goes way back to their high school days.

The two have been together since their high school days in 2007. They also studied together at the University of Illinois. 

Married since 2013

After being in a relationship with Millison for about six years, Zanona finally tied the knot on July 20, 2013.

They now have been together as married couples for nearly 8 years, but very little is known of their relationship after marriage.

One of the major reasons being their private lives. They don't share much about each other publicly, so much so that Zanona manages her Instagram on private mode.

Melanie Zanona with husband Jason Robert Millison

Zanona with her husband, Jason Robert Millison. (Photo: Melanie Zanona's Instagram)

But speaking of her husband, Millison is a co-host of the Gray Area podcast, along with Julie Reynolds Martinez.

He started the podcast in hopes of telling true stories of people who were dealing with the American justice system and were seeking redemption. 

While that sounds pretty heavy, it's only a part-time stint for Millison as he was also an account executive at Washington Nationals.

However, he only worked there till 2017 and then went on to work a government job as the community programs analyst for the DC government. 

The Couple Are Huge Bulls Fans

Zanona and Millison are both Chicago Bulls fans.

Once, she even made Millison go out as ex-Bulls player Carlos Boozer during a 2014 Halloween, the analyst told Bacon Sports.

Although Millison took a lot of flak for dressing up as Boozer, Zanona loved every bit as she herself went out wearing her Bulls gear that she had. 

The political analyst also loves every Chicago sports team except for the White Sox and probably takes after her dad when it comes to being a sports aficionado. 

While she is an avid Bulls supporter, she gets no pleasure watching them without her husband.

In the same interview, she said that watching Bulls without him is like watching the Jersey Shore when the Situation is sober, and Snooki is pregnant. Something, she mentioned, is still fun to watch but not as much as the previous seasons. 

It looks like the analyst lives and breathes Bulls. Something that even her husband seems to be proud of as he does not seem to hesitate to fulfill her whims.

She is so much of a Bulls supporter that a decision made by Bulls in the past is the one thing that still haunts her to this day. And that is that Chicago Bulls let Michael Jordan play for Washington Wizards. 

Zanona Wrote about Mo Brooks Challenging Joe Biden’s Victory

On December 2, 2020, the political analyst wrote about how Mo Brooks was looking to challenge the Electoral College votes after Congress officially declares Joe Biden’s victory on January 6. 

In the Politico report, Zanona seemed to lean slightly to the left as she talked about Donald Trump’s ‘baseless claims’ of voter fraud without providing evidence and how Trump’s allies could still force a politically toxic vote in the GOP before Biden's victory declaration. 

She then followed that report with another dig at former president Trump, writing about how the president was picking a fight with Congress and even his own team to challenge a national defense policy bill that Congress has always passed for the past 59 years. 

Zanona has been writing reports about legislative and policy decisions from very early on.

She first got into a career as an investigative unit intern at the Better Government Association from 2011 to 2015.

That stint then led her to work as a freelance writer for Chicago Eye till 2013 and later as a feature writer for Roll Call till 2016.

Her portfolio also includes extensive features about Trump’s infrastructure plan, the White House’s travel ban, and U.S Foreign policy towards Cuba. 

In addition to her writing career, she has also acted as the political analyst for major media outlets such as MSNBC, Fox News, CNBC, and CNN.