Canadian movie actress Laura Vandervoort had all the recipe for happy family life. Blessed with a loving fiance with whom the actress was ready to walk down the aisle to get married. Unfortunately, her dreams came crashing down, and all the wedding plans were left in tatters. 

The Toronto native became an instant star after appearing in CTV's teen drama series Instant Star after which she became a household name in the small screen. After Instant star, she appeared in The CW serial drama series Smallville, and her work in the Canadian series Bitten was acclaimed and got her nominated for the best actress awards in the Golden Maple Awards.

Laura Vandervoort joins the cast of Deadline, the remake of classic horror movie rabid on 1 May 2018 (Photo: Laura Vandervoort's Instagram)

In 2017, she was part of the eighth movie of the Saw franchise, Jigsaw

Laura Vandervoort's Bio: Age & Early Life

Born on 22 September 1984, the actress nearly never made it this long in the world. A few weeks after her birth she contracted meningitis, with the doctors fearing the worst. What's more, they even informed her family members that she would not survive, leaving her family members distraught. 

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The 33-year-old actress made it through the disease and left her family in tears of happiness and relief.

During her young age, Laura was big into sports and played pretty much every game. As a kid, she played football, and she is the second-degree black belt in karate and had interests in basketball, tennis, gymnastics, and baseball.

However, at the age of 13, she wanted to become an actress and started taking acting lessons and doing plays in her school. 

Laura Vandervoort's Acting Career

After bit part roles here and there, her big break came at the age of 19, during her York University days, when she was roped in for the series Instant Star in 2004.

Her acting skills on the show left audiences wanting for more and in 2006 made her multiplex presence through crime thriller The Lookout.  After the completion of Instant Star in 2008, she again appeared in numerous series in guest roles viz, CSI, Smallville, and Riverworld.

Her film career was also running in parallel to the appearance in TV and has more than 20 movie credits including Into the Blue trilogy, The Entitled and Ted.

Her best performance came as Elena Michaels in the series Bitten(2014-16) which earned her a nomination at the Golden Maple in the category; Best Actress In a TV Series.  

And her time in showbiz has also got her linked with plenty of men, and one man, in particular, was close to being her husband.  

In February 2011, Laura came into the news because of her rumored affair with actor Chris Pine. The blue-eyed hunk and Laura were seen together, having lunch together leading to boyfriend-girlfriend claims against Chris and Laura.

Laura Vandervoort's Hands In Social Work 

In August 2018 on Instagram, Laura shared her experience of helping the families in Kenya with different vaccines and medical needs alongside her sister, Sarah.

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She went alongside the help of the advocacy organization, World Vision Canada and sponsored a child of Kenya. Laura shared her observation of the medical clinic and the recent improvements made to the maternity ward.

The rooms were old and barely furnished which but Laura was encouraged to see the number of women coming to the clinic had increased, resulting in healthy childbirths. She posted pictures of those moments on Instagram, mostly with the kids from around.

Laura had a great experience as her team was treated to a cultural song and dance performed by the villagers. She is always ready to put her hands in helping the ones in need.

Laura & Fiance Oliver Trevena Nearly Married, Cryptic Message For Split

The 33-year-old actress was to be a fixture in the news, not for her relationship with Chris, which just petered out. It was, however, with the brown-eyed British actor and TV host, Oliver Trevena.

The pair started dating somewhere around the middle of 2013. Oliver quickly progressed from boyfriend to fiance, after proposing the beautiful Canadian actress on the 2014 new year's eve, with Laura saying 'Yes.'

Laura Vandervoort flaunts her engagement ring alongside her boyfriend, Oliver Trevena at a sponsored event in 2014 (Photo:

The relationship came to light in February 2014 after Laura flaunted her diamond ring given to her by Oliver. What's more, after quickly progressing in their love life, the couple was on the verge of getting married and being pronounced husband and wife. 

However, what seemed to be a happy couple in the outer eye was going through the storms inside. And the news about the couple's split, a year after getting engaged left fans in disbelief. Oliver's promotion from boyfriend to fiance had come in quickly, and his demotion from husband-to-be to ex-boyfriend also came in no time.

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Despite not revealing about the couple's reason for the split, Laura posted a cryptic post on her Instagram on New Year's day 2015, specifying the word 'loyal' which hinted at cheating in her relationship.

What's more, she added about being true to yourself and loving yourself in the post and writing about her own love story, hinting that she had moved on from the brown-eyed-hunk.