Lala Baptiste is a model and lifestyle influencer who found fame on Instagram. She is known as @lalatheislandgal and has over one million followers on the platform.

Baptiste has also shifted her attention to YouTube and has more than 379K subscribers on her channel. 

She uploaded her first video on February 2019, and after a hiatus, she uploaded her second video on December 24, 2019. Since then, she has been posting vlogs to her channel. 

On April 22, 2020, Baptiste uploaded a video titled ‘Lets Talk! Q&A | Who Am I Dating?’ where she discussed her relationship and privacy. 

Lala Baptiste On Her Relationship Status 

In the video, the model talked about the problems she had faced with making her relationship public. She regretted mentioning she had a boyfriend.

Being a private person, she said that she should have never spoken about it. 

However, her mentioning it was not intentional. She clarified that she mistakenly revealed she had a partner to debunk the rumors about her dating other people. 

Regardless, Baptiste confirmed she would not be posting about the mystery man soon. Even if she reveals her boyfriend in the future, it would be her choice and not her fans and followers.

She further said that her partner was not in the YouTube community, and she was not comfortable introducing him to her followers. 

The model asked her fans to respect her privacy and her choices. She said that the fans could speculate and have opinions about it but asked them not to pry into her relationship.

She ended the topic by saying that she would keep her status hidden and not confirm if she was still with the mystery man.

What Does Lala Baptiste Want in a Boy?

Before the model talked about her relationship status, she briefly explained what characteristics she wants in her other half.

While there are many characteristics she wants in a boy, specifically, she wants someone who looks out for her and makes her feel comfortable.

She further mentioned that the person could be someone funny who could make her laugh and someone she could be herself around.

In the end, she claimed that since she was a supportive friend, she would be a supportive girlfriend as well.

Therefore, she wants to be with someone who could reciprocate and be supportive of everything she does. 

Is Lala Baptiste Dating Lil Tjay?

Tione Jayden Merritt, professionally known as Lil Tjay, is a rapper, singer, and dancer. He is best known for his songs like ‘Brothers,’ ‘F.N.,’ and ‘Pop Out.’

His song with Pop Smoke, named ‘Mood Swings,’ was released in July 2019. After three months, they released the music video on October 7, 2019. The video featured Baptiste as Lil Tjay’s love interest. 

Since then, speculations have been going on about their relationship. As reported by HITC, the two have been together for a while.

Baptiste even fought with her best friend, rapper Rubi Rose for her beau, as per the tabloid. 

Allegedly, Baptiste initially set the two rappers on a date together, where they even flew to Atlanta to celebrate Lil Tjay’s birthday.

But while they were returning home, Lil Tjay didn’t pay for Rose’s flight back. This embarrassed and humiliated Rose. 

Soon after, Baptiste allegedly started dating Lil Tjay. So naturally, Rose was disappointed at her best friend and went on a Twitter rant calling Baptiste names.

However, neither Baptiste nor Lil Tjay has confirmed their relationship to date.