Keion Henderson is a pastor famous for his timeless wisdom and advice, particularly on dating, marriage, and living with a life partner. Despite being a guru of all love-related things, the pastor could not hold together his own marriage, but he again got redemption in his love journey. 

Who is Keion Henderson's ex-wife Felicia Henderson?

Keion had a pretty happy marriage with his ex-wife Felicia Henderson back in 2015-2016 — at least that is what his social media suggested. Parents to two daughters, the couple seldom shared details about their marriage, but Keion did showcase his wedded bliss on Instagram.

In a now deleted 2016 Instagram post, the pastor gushed about his wife, calling her a “timeless treasure” on her birthday. Along with that, there are also posts of birthday surprises that implied their marriage was going well.

Keion Henderson and his former wife Felicia Worked Together on Projects Related to Faith

Apart from being his wife, Lady Felicia was also a partner in Keion’s professional life. The two worked together in the Lighthouse Church and also launched other projects, including the Sugarland Campus.

In September 2019, Keion told Chron that an African prophet had dreamt of Keion and his wife ministering in Sugarland, which eventually came true when the two of them jointly opened a Lighthouse Church branch.

In the same interview, Keion also shared how he and his wife led a church in Houston, Texas, together.

Keion and his ex-wife Felecia have a daughter together

The two exes co-parent their daughter Katelyn Henderson together. When they were a couple, Keion also remained a father figure to Felecia's two older children, Tynisha and Paige. 

Keion Henderson and his former wife Felicia got Divorced In 2019

Even though their connection seemed to be strong, both personally and professionally, their marital union ended in 2019 when he allegedly filed for a divorce.

Vlogger Larry Reid got hold of their court documents and released them on his Patreon account for the world to see. It confirmed that the pastor had, in fact, filed for a divorce.

In a video, Reid also mentioned that before the divorce was confirmed, Keion said he was “going through changes” in his marriage. Later, the Pastor himself confirmed the divorce in an interview with BlessedBeatz Media.

The Divorce was a Positive Change Albeit a Tough Step in his life

Evidently, the divorce was tough on the pastor. He was encouraging others to accept love, but he himself was falling apart. 

In an interview with BlessedBeatz, he shared that he was learning how to courageously move through that season — the season of separation — pastoring to a megachurch.

I was scared to death... [God] wasn’t wiping my tears.

Because he had been through his fair share of ups and downs, people found his words of wisdom transparent and relative. His life experiences have given him an insight into how to look past the hardship of one's current state and see the bigger picture.

In his book The Shiftthe pastor focuses on transition periods between tough and better times. The book, whose main theme is all about shifts that occur all around you every day, also has a chapter dedicated to divorce and its events.

Keion Henderson and Shaunie O'Neal: They Officially Dated And Married

Henderson has found love again!

Basketball Wives star Shaunie O'Neal took to Instagram on July 6 to wish Keion a happy birthday with a sweet post that also confirmed their relationship

In her lengthy love-laden caption, O'Neal gushed about Keion, calling him, "my safe place where I can authentically grow without judgment." She appreciates how he loves her and her children unconditionally. They have other posts of each other being adorable as well.

It is known that the pair connected in 2019 when Shaunie attended one of Keion's conferences. In their recent podcast The Groow Zone, Keion and his wife Shaunie touch upon how the pastor managed to impress her.

As it turned out, Shaunie originally thought that it would be "boring" dating the pastor whom she met through a mutual friend in 2020. It was Keion who then invited her to watch him preach in San Bernardino, but instead, the pair connected at his hotel lobby in LA and ended up spending hours in a restaurant where they had gone for a bite, 

“We had this great conversation that ended up being five or six hours to where we got kicked out of the regular restaurant into the lobby,” she revealed. After that, Shaunie invented a plan to test whether the pastor was judgemental by ordering two cocktails, but she said he passed it. 

"I didn’t think that you would be fun. I didn’t think that your lifestyle really allowed you to be the kind of fun that I like. I want to go dance with my friends at The Dime. I just thought that you’d be like, ‘Oh no, that’s of the world,’” she shared on the podcast, to which he replied, " actually wanted someone who understood that my whole life wasn’t lived in a sanctuary. Somebody who could let me access that side of me without feeling judged. So, meeting you helped me to actually be balanced and be ok with balance.”

Shaunie was married to her ex-husband Shaquille O'Neal from 2002 to 2011. The duo shares four children — Amirah, Shaquir, Shareef, and Me'arah. She also has a son, Miles, from a previous relationship. Shaunie and Shaq also have a cordial relationship because of their children. Shaq was also present at Shaunie's wedding to Keion, which took place in May 2022.