Since making its debut in 2010, Basketball Wives has undergone a lot of cast changes. In 2019, Feby Torres appeared on the show as Evelyn Lozada’s friend, and like most new cast members, Torres got off on the wrong foot with the rest of the cast. 

When Torres isn’t busy stirring up drama on the show, she’s taking care of her two kids whom she shares with former NBA player Lance Stephenson.

The couple started off well, but their relationship ended abruptly in 2015. Not long after the breakup, Torres took Stephenson to court for child support. 


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Torres initially received $6,000 a month to help support the children. However, she later requested the court to order her ex to double the amount to over $12,000, so she and her kids could move into a safer neighborhood and attend better schools. 

Stephenson’s attorney, Laurence Greenberg, counter-argued that Torres was attempting to use the child support money to enhance her personal lifestyle. It is unconfirmed if Torres won the court battle.

All of that family drama aside, fans were excited to see her back in action on season 9 of the show. 

Here are 5 facts to give you an inside scoop on Feby Torres.

1. New York Native

Although the information on Torres's life is scarce on the internet, we know that her age is 29, and she was born on September 3. She was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and holds an American nationality. She is of mixed ethnicity, namely Galician, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, and Jewish. 

2. Single and Busy Rapping

Music has always been a big part of Torres’s life. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a rapper. For the last several years, Torres has been working hard to make a name for herself as a rapper. She has released several freestyle videos, and a few months ago, she released a song and video titled ‘Adios.’

The mother of 2 also took to Twitter to announce that she was single and busy “chasing the bags.” However, she was dating NFL player Damien Berry in season 9 of the show.

Berry was ready to be a husband, but Torres had doubts. 

3. Degree in Media and Broadcasting

It looks likes Torres has always dreamt of breaking into the entertainment industry. In 2020, she uploaded a throwback post of her graduation from 2014. In the caption, she wrote that she received an associate’s degree in Media & Broadcasting and marveled at how 5 years later she was on TV. 

She then iterated that she still had many movies/series producing to do and advised her followers not to allow others to dictate their life and stop them from pursuing their dreams because she definitely wasn’t.

4. On Suffering Losses

Although Torres is known as the funny, crazy cast member in the VH1 series, she sometimes shares glimpses of a different side of her on social media. In 2 separate Twitter posts, she paid tributes to her grandmother and grandfather, whom she lost to cancer. She expressed how heartbroken she was over their deaths. 

5. Social Worker 

The reality star not only raps and does TV, but she is also involved in social work. During the pandemic last year, Torres was busy delivering meals to EMS workers. She took to Twitter to upload a photo with the workers and thanked God for allowing her to be a part of it.