Josh Bernstein, one of People magazine's sexiest men, had a brief fling with marriage and wife. However, the explorer's marriage with wife turned sour and had found love again.

Josh is the famous host best known for hosting the History Channel's adventure-archaeology series Digging for the Truth. The series became one of the highest-rated series with over 2.1 million viewers, and Josh, along with the show, became famous and one of the most searched celebrity host in the media. He also made an appearance as the host of the Discovery Channel’s Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein in one season.

After establishing a mark on the industry by TV series Digging for the Truth, he further took the role of President and CEO of BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

Josh became the executive producer and host of a new series Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein which premiered in August 2008. However, the show was canceled after just one season, and Josh was fired from his contract with History Channel.

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Apart from that, he appeared on news programs like ABC, CBS, NBC, Good Morning America, and The Today Show. He has also been featured in the premiere issue of Men’s Vogue magazine and also featured in People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue. 

Later in January 2014, he sold his ownership of BOSS to divert his attention on other educational initiatives.

Josh Bernstein’s Journey From Explorer To Educator

In 2016, he launched Explore at Large, an educational platform with the mission to spread education which sparks curiosity, playfulness wonder among PreK-12 students around the world. For the project, he collaborated with NASA, Smithsonian Institution, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and several other institutions to emphasize and promote STEAM education among kids.

Educator: Josh Bernstein gives an inspiring speech at the stage of The Aspen Challenge on 18 February 2018 (Photo: YouTube)

When Josh is not filming for tv networks or Explore at Large, he loves to speak on education, curiosity-driven, problem-based learning for children. He also loves to share his passion for travel and learnings with people.

In February 2018 he was present in a program at The Aspen Institute as a guest speaker. The program Aspen Challenge is a daylong youth leadership development forum, where teams of students and teachers will hear from leaders pioneering change to current pressing issues.

Josh Bernstein’s Short Bio

Josh Bernstein was born on 16 March 1971 with his identical twin brother Andrew in Manhattan. He possesses Jewish ethnicity, and his father was born in Jerusalem's Old City. His father died of a heart attack just before Bernstein's 15th birthday. A year later to his father's tragic death, his then three-year-old sister was killed in an automobile accident.

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He double majored in Anthropology and Psychology, double minored in Native American and Near Eastern Studies from Cornell University.

After graduation, he was involved in a post-graduate program in Jerusalem where he studied mysticism, ancient scripts, and many other things.

Found Love Again and Married, Sudden Divorce Shocks Everyone 

Like the nature of his job, Josh's relationship has also had a fair share of ups and downs. He was involved in a romantic relationship with actress Tammy Lynn Michels in the 90s. Despite the pair looking adorable together, they could not progress to marriage, instead parted their ways citing professional issues. 

After Tammy, Josh Bernstein found love again with Lily Snyder; daughter of the Israel Museum Director, James Snyder. The pair got engaged in July 2010, and the news was shared by an ecstatic Josh on his Twitter.  He also announced his engagement with his girlfriend to his fans and followers sharing a tweet on his official Twitter.

Engaged: Josh Bernstein tweets on engagement with the girlfriend  (Photo: Josh Bernstein's Twitter)

Berstein confirmed about the news while speaking to Page Six in July 2015 and said that he was excited about his future with Lily. Page Six quoted the star explorer as saying: 

I’m ecstatic that Lily said yes, and I’m even more excited about our future together.

Bernstein's mother was also excited and happily gushed about her prospective daughter-in-law.

The couple took their relationship a step further after a year of their engagement and were pronounced husband and wife in an intimate wedding ceremony back on 4 September 2011.  

However, all was not well between the husband-wife duo, and despite appearing happy and gay in the outside, cracks were appearing in their married life.

And to shock and dismay of all the fans, they fired off their relationship and divorced after a couple of years of marriage in 2013 without revealing any specific reason.

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The specific reason for the split has not been addressed in the media, and as a rule, Josh has vowed to never talk about his personal life in the media.

After his divorce with Lily, the adventurer has again found love with his job and is again back to the nature doing what he knows the best.