Being embroiled in sexual accusations claims and a label of philanderer had little effect on Jeremy Piven from having a romantic relationship. What's more, the actor publicly dated two high profile celebrities barely months after the abuse claims.

The Hollywood veteran has given numerous hit movies and series during his time at the LA. He has three Emmys and a Golden Globe to show for his highly acclaimed series The Entourage. What's more, his roles in movies Serendipity and Spy Kids was highly praised. 

Work Bound: Jeremy Piven in a still from CBC drama Wisdom Of The Crowd in 2018 (Published on 13 September 2017)

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Jeremy Piven has been able to shine his trophy cabinet with honorable accolades of three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award up to this point of his career.

How It All Started For Jeremy Piven?

His first role came in 1896 movie Lucas and had never looked back ever since. During his chequered career in Hollywood, he has given plenty of hits and brilliant performances. He has excelled in various roles, whether that be a friend to a desperate lover in Serendipity or a gay salesman in Rush hour 2

However, his shining light came in HBO's original series The Entourage, where his performances were critically acclaimed. He won three Primetime Emmys and a Golden Globe for the series. He was also a part of the full feature movie of the same title.

As of 2018, he is busy with CBS series Wisdom of the Crowd, in a lead role. 

His time at Hollywood has been fulfilling in every sense including the economic factors. Due to his exertions with Hollywood, Jeremy has earned countless fans along with a net worth of $20 million. 

Jeremy Piven Had Enormous Support For Acting Since Early Age

Born on 26 July 1965, in a  family of Ukrainian-Jewish descent, acting was in his blood. Growing up in Evanston, Illinois, his family were his first teachers. Acting ran in his family, his parents Byrne Piven and  Joyce Hiller Piven were both stage actors. His sister Shira Piven, who he credits as his first teacher, is an acclaimed director.

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The 52-year-old attended the Tisch School of the Arts and dropped out in his senior year to pursue an acting career. 

Jeremy's Colorful Dating History!

The actor boasts a long list of girlfriends and a colorful dating history. The actor's colorful dating history has seen him linked with some high profile women including Kelly Brook, Sophie Turner, and January Jones. His list of girlfriends also includes models Dita Von Teese, Vanessa Marcil and singer Nikki Benz. However, the actor has failed to turn each one of his girlfriends to wife and has never been married. 

He also courted controversy as he fell victim of the Me Too campaign after actress Ariane Bellama accused him of molesting her in 2017.

Similarly, three other women, Cassidy Freeman, Tiffany Bacon Scourby, and  Anastasia Taney also came forward supporting Ariane and claimed that they had also fallen prey to the actor's abuse at various point in time. The actor vehemently denied the accusations and sat for a voluntary polygraph test on 13 November 2017 to claim his innocence. 

Despite the rumors of sexual abuse raging like wildfire, the actor was seen casually chilling with his actress girlfriend, Darcie Lincoln in December 2017. The actor flaunted his chiseled body as he was pictured paddle boarding along with his bikini-clad girlfriend.

The actor showed little signs of strain as he and his stunning girlfriend soaked up the sun in Hawaii in Christmas 2017.

Shows No Signs Of Strain; Two Girlfriends Within A Month

The abuse claims have done little to wear out the stars of the actor and remain a favorite among women.

Shortly after the Hawaiian holiday with Darcie, the actor was seen on a date night with another beautiful actress.

Jeremy was seen together on a dinner date with actress Liana Mendoza, barely a month after his public sighting with Darcie.

Dinner At Night: Jeremy Piven and Liana Mendoza spotted on a dinner date in January 2018 (Photo:

The star looked free from the strains of the sexual abuse scandal that had engulfed the star weeks ago as he was seen walking side by side with the brunette actress on 10 January 2018. However, his girlfriend Liana expressed her concerns about the 'Me Too; campaign saying men were afraid to hit her for fear of being victimized.' 

However, no news about Jeremey and Liana has surfaced to the media after the comedian turned actress' controversial claims. This led to speculation that the couple has parted ways. 

What Is He Doing Now?

The Emmy Award-winning Jewish actor has decided to hang up his boots after decades of TV and film work with three Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe for his work portraying actor Ari Gold in the comedy series “Entourage,”.

However, it doesn't imply that he is done for his career, but he has begun standup comedic act. 

Although the Illinois-native keeps boasting about his self-interest in the decision,  his allegations of sexually harassing women(which proved wrong at the end) seem to play a vital role in this transitions.

I Am Ready: Jeremy Piven Talks About going into Stand-Up Comedy (Published on Nov 7, 2018)

Talking to The Jewish Journal in November, Piven added more clarifications to the switch.

I've always been fascinated by stand-up and while I grew up in the theater and was doing TV and film, I never got the chance to tell jokes onstage.

Following his career-switch, Jeremy Piven will be kicking off his stand-up career coming to Israel on January 12 and 13 with a performance in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in 2019.