Jennifer Garner and John Miller have reportedly rekindled their romance.  

Less than a year after their split, the 49-year-old actress and the businessman have decided to give their relationship another go. They called things off in August 2020.

"Jen and John are back on, it started up a few weeks ago," a source told US Weekly. The couple began dating sometime during 2018. Garner, who has three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, was reportedly the one to initiate the break-up back then.

The Miracles actress has been married twice — to Scott Foley (2000-2004) and Ben Affleck (2005-2018). She was also rumored to have been dating Martin Henderson after her second divorce.

The actress's previous failed marriage and the painful divorce, as well as the custody battle might have been the reason that she couldn't commit to Miller, even though he was ready for marriage. The fact still remains that Miller is also divorced and has kids.

The 42-year-old has joint custody over two children with his ex-wife Caroline Campbell. The actress, despite being pictured with him on multiple occasions, has never walked a red carpet with him.    

Garner was content with where things were in her relationship with Miller, even though it was moving slowly. It was convenient for the couple since they didn't want to put any pressure on themselves and were insistent on taking things slow.

It is acknowledged how they have made things work between them. They enjoy each other's company and are glad to see each other whenever possible. There isn't that soul-crushing pressure in the relationship where they are burdened with obligations and expectations.

Miller has immense respect for the way Garner takes her role as a mother seriously. She always puts her children first and Miller is very understanding about it. They both have had a positive effect on one another. 

Affleck on the other hand has been spending time with his ex-fiance Jennifer Lopez, whom he is friends with now. As for Lopez, the 52-year-old broke things off with fiancé Alex Rodriguez last month after a four-year relationship.


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Garner is not at all disconcerted about Affleck seeing his ex frequently, a source reported to Entertainment Tonight.

According to the source, Garner isn't bothered by Affleck hanging out with Lopez or anyone else. She wants what is best for him. and that what matters the most to her is him being a great dad.