American reality television star Jade Cline gave birth to her daughter when she was in her young age and she initially received the support of her baby daddy. Sometime later, things went wrong between them with both of them parting ways.

Jade is well known as a cast member of MTV’s Reality show Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. She appears on the show, taking care of her baby and dealing with the everyday hassles a young age single mom has to face.

Here are a few wiki facts regarding the star's age, baby, parents and her baby father.

1. Jade Cline Bio: Age, Parents

Jade Cline was born on 10 June 1997 in the United States. She was born to parents: father Michael Smith and mother Christine Smith.

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The TV personality, age 21, is American by nationality and her zodiac sign is Gemini. It has not been long since she stepped to the entertainment world, so a lot of information about her remains unknown regarding her early life and education.

2. Jade Has Daughter With Baby Father, Sean Austin

The 21-year-old has a daughter named Kloie Kenna Austin with her baby daddy Sean Austin.

She conceived her girl in November 2017, and by the time she was featured in the series Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant on 12 March 2018, she was just 20 years old. It is however not revealed about how and when Jade and Sean had met.

But what remains known is the couple had an intimate relationship for quite some time and had to deal with an ordeal in their early days as the couple had to go through an unplanned pregnancy.

However, it was for the best that the baby father of her daughter Kloie remained with her, and both of them shared a family of three with joy.

The Baby: Jade Cline posts a picture of her baby on Instagram (Source: Jade Cline's Instagram)

According to wikis, the couple got engaged to each other in one of the episodes of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant on 23 April 2018 after Sean proposed the 21-year-old.

After the date night on the engagement day with Sean, Jade said with joy:

Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty!...I never felt like such a lady before! I feel giddy!

Sean also added to the words of Jade:

I’m happy we’re getting along better than we were.

Surely, with such a young couple, it is sometimes unbelievable how they understand the situations and try to solve them with just love.

3. Jade's Parents Disaster, Mother Accused Of Drug Use

Although Jade had a strong relationship with her fiance, she also had lots of trouble regarding her parents. Her mother was arrested for illegal-substance possession and theft on 8 March 2014.

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She was seen by a loss prevention officer of a store, removing tags from clothes for an attempt of stealing. Jade was concerned about her mother’s issues and she said in an episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant:

I’m hoping my mom will be able to help me when the baby gets here, but I’m not sure I can count on her because my parents have struggled with addiction in the past,” she explained on an episode. “My mom has been in and out of jail and rehab many times growing up. It did affect me a lot. My parents have put all their addiction and drug use in the past.

Maybe it was because of her mother that Jade also used cocaine. She was once seen in an Instagram picture taking a selfie, with a rolled-up dollar-bill and white powder by her side.

The picture was deleted by Jade and she never confirmed to the claims stating about her substance abuse.

4. Is She Together With Her Baby Daddy?

Jade Cline, age 21, had a good time with her fiance in the beginning, but later, the couple's relationship started to get strained.

Their relationship which once was an example to others in Teen Mom slowly deteriorated with fans seeing their relationship crumble on the screens on matters regarding parenthood.

However, it was not the reason the couple separated. After returning from New York for the show Total Request Live After Show, Jade blew twitter with her bitter vitriol regarding her baby's father in May 2018.

Twitter Bomb: Jade Cline tweets continuously, accusing her baby daddy Sean Austin with cheating (Source: Jade Cline's Twitter)

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The allegations of cheating are obvious from the tweets, however, the exact answer is still to be found.

She confirmed the separation on the show TRL After Show where she claimed that she was no longer wearing the ring and her relationship with Sean was broken.