It's pretty common for celebrities to get wind up in rumors that question their sexual preferences. Scottish comedian Iain Stirling was no stranger to those speculations of him being a gay, but how did he put out the fire of those rumors?

The Edinburgh-native is quite known for his narration on the ITV2 reality show, Love Island. He's also well-adored for his hosting of CBBC TV series, The Dog Ate My Homework which premiered in January 2014.

Comedy Age: Iain Stirling talks about Love Island winners Jack and Dani and reveals the Islanders reactions to their new fame on Lorraine (Published on 2 August 2018)

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Iain Stirling has got an estimated net worth of $4 million that he amassed through his career in stand-up comedy and hosting.

Lessons That Iain Stirling Learned On Love Island

It was in June 2015 that Iain Stirling became the narrator of ITV2 reality series, Love Island; a British dating reality show where the contestants are members of the public.

His comments brought him a lot of attention, and the fourth series brought especially the highest ratings across all channels in the time slot.

And he absolutely loves throwing in sarcastic comments while narrating the show. On top of that, he feels grateful for the valuable wisdom the show has instilled in him as well.

Iain revealed how working on the show taught him valuable lessons about dating while admitting that he wouldn’t step into the villa. One major thing that he has taken from Love Island was when co-star, Camilla Thurlow spoke about the importance of knowing someone before declaring their love.

Talking about the insightful comment, the 30-year-old further pointed out that the show was genuinely a fascinating look into the emotional condition of a human.

Stirling doesn’t really watch the fully edited episodes as he watched each show four to five times to come up with his voice-over scripts. And he's pretty gay while giving credits Love Island for changing his career massively- not forgetting to mention that it's the main reason that most audience comes to see him on stage.

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Is Iain Stirling Gay Or Just Rumors?

Just like every other person wrapped with fame, Iain got caught up in the common speculations of him swinging for the other side. And no one has ever figured out why this theory that assumes every celebrity is gay for some reason. 

So, you might be wondering if Ian is gay.

Well, lucky for you ladies, Ian doesn't play for the other team, but then again, the bad news is that he has a beautiful girlfriend.

Meet Iain Stirling's Singer Girlfriend, Laura Whitmore!

At first, the whole world decides to poke its nose into your business to find a buried secret, and when it does, it works like a firework making it seem exciting for a short moment, and disappearing into the air the other.

Iain faced the same situation when he was dating his beautiful Irish girlfriend, Laura Whitmore. They were very hesitant to come out about their relationship in the public because they didn’t want the attention, as opening up too much would make it hard to keep anything to themselves.

But their relationship wasn’t that much of a secret to their workmates as they showed pretty obvious signs in their behaviors that they were dating.

Apparently, the two met through mutual friends in a party in July 2017, instantly hitting it off and today, it’s already been a year of their romantic affair.

Now This Is Another Love Island: Iain and his girlfriend Laura at Centre Court on 7 July 2018 (Photo: Laura Whitmore’s Instagram)

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Iain and his girlfriend are absolutely in love and are embracing a live-in relationship. They attend events together as a couple and post adorable pictures of each other as frequently as possible-- some might say that they're a photoholic couple as well!