American Journalist Deirdre Bolton was an elusive figure in regards to her married life with a mysterious guy before she went missing for almost a year from her day job.  

The Pennsylvania native rose to prominence as the host of Fox Business Network’s Risk & Reward. She also gained popularity by hosting Bloomberg TV’s Money Moves. Mixing her street knowledge with the knowledge she gained attending the University of Iowa, the 46-year-old has been able to win over many hearts.

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Initially, Deirdre had the aspirations to pursue a career in Humanities, having received a graduate degree from the University of Iowa in English and French Literature in 1993.

Deirdre Bolton's Career: Hosts Risk & Reward On FOX

After completing her master’s degree from New York University, she began working in equity sales at CDC North America and Societe Generale.

Leaving her lucrative job as an equity broker, she decided to join Bloomberg in 2009. While at Bloomberg, she anchored a show about the alternative show titled Money Moves. In addition to hosting Money Moves, the University of Iowa alum hosted the network’s morning programming.

Her five-year stint at Bloomberg proved fruitful as it helped her land a move to Fox Business Network in 2014. At FOX Business Network(FBN), she began hosting Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton -- a business programme focused on alternative investments, real estate, startups and hedge funds. Despite the show being successful, FBN canceled the show in 2017.

Many fans attributed her absence behind FBN’s decision; she had taken a year off from making public appearances after suffering an illness.

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Deirdre Bolton Goes Missing In 2016; Was It Illness Or Injury?

Without any warning, she went missing from the show in 2016. 

It was widely believed that she had gone on a hiatus for change. However, the supporters of the notion that she had suffered a long-term injury also had its believers. The likes of Elizabeth MacDonald helped fill her shoes and gave the show its continuity when she went missing.

Having taken almost a year off, she returned to the show in 2017. Her return was accompanied by an interview in which she explained her absence resulted after suffering ‘a freak accident.’

Back & Better: Deirdre makes a comeback on FOX Business News after missing for almost a year due to an injury she had sustained playing baseball.

It was later revealed that her injury had taken much longer to heal than initially believed. As a result, she was again replaced by Elizabeth MacDonald, just months after returning.

The popular program on FOX Risk & Reward saw its end later that year with many believing her absence to be the key behind its cancellation.

Despite the cancellation, she hadn't severed her ties with the network as evidenced by her frequent guest appearances on Fox and Friends and Wall Street Week.

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Deirdre Bolton's Mysterious Married Life With Equally Mysterious Husband

The 46-year-old news anchor has been very secretive about her married life. Forget her daily comings and goings; one would be hard pressed to find details on her husband or her married life, for that matter.

Her only known social media presence via Twitter is more of a professional update as opposed to what you would expect from a vibrant life a 46-year-old journalist.

However if one digs deep enough, one shall find information littered here and there about her husband. Such was the case in 2012 interview she had given to Linette Lopez of Bloomberg news where she spoke of her husband when Linette quizzed about her favorite place/person to get advice, she said:

Depending on the topic: the Bloomberg TV newsroom, my husband, three very different and equally fabulous friends and a lovely Philadelphia-based aunt.

Ruminating on her answer: Deirdre seemed content in her married life with a husband who acts as a perfect foil to her advising her in times of distress.

6 Unmissable Facts About Deidre Bolton

1. The former Risk & Reward host boasts a respectable height of 5 foot 7 inches(1.70m).

2. Working for Bloomberg Network, Deirdre traveled all over the United States including cities like New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and St. Louis.

3.  Born on 21 September 1971, she shares her birthday with public figures such as American author, Stephen King and Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor.

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4. The 46-year-old journalist grew up in Newton, PA, USA.

5. Using her expertise in the French language, she helped to communicate between the U.S office and French offices of the French bank CDC North America.

6. As a kid, she had an aspiration to become a professional swimmer.