Dale Moss and his girlfriend Clare Crawley have mended their relationship and went Instagram official yet again. 

The couple had gotten engaged following Crawley's run on The Bachelorette before the couple fell apart earlier this year. 

Instagram Official Again!

"This makes me happy," Moss wrote alongside the first picture of the adorable couple to make it into the public eye since their split. 

The picture uploaded on Instagram saw the couple pose in loose signs as the beau was all smiles. The snap from a dinner date had Crawley wrapping one arm around her man.

For the occasion, Moss sported a casual striped white shirt while Crawley donned a beautiful black and white floral dress. Both of them had a white beaded necklace around their necks. 


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That being said, it was undoubtedly the rock on Crawley's ring finger that called for the most attention. Evidently, the couple was enjoying their time in Hawaii

Broke up Five Months After Engagement

The couple first got together on the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette and put a ring on their relationship by the end of the season. Five months later, by January 2021, the couple had called it quits and parted ways

The couple had announced their breakup via an Instagram post on Moss's handle but has since been removed. At the time, he wrote,

We appreciate the love and support we've received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time.

He further explained that both of them strongly believed in leading with love and remaining true to themselves, as both their families instilled those values in them. 


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He concluded by saying that they only hoped for the best for one another. While the 39-year-old posted all this, Crawley's socials were mum.

They Split Amid Infidelity Rumors

According to ET, many believed that their breakup was a consequence of infidelity. Moss addressed those rumors during his time on the Hollywood Raw Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn.

He explained how the cheating allegations weren't even a part of the conversation when the two went through their breakup.

Instead, the couple looked past that and focused on one another. 


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Even so, the reality star agreed that having to deal with the scandal was difficult. 

When things are going at your character, and something you're completely against, those are the hardest things to handle.

Going by how things turned out in the end, the couple definitely worked through their issues and found their way back to dating each other.

Before the couple made things Instagram official again, they were seen strolling hand in hand through the streets of New York City in early April. 

They were walking past the Flatiron District with Moss holding a cup of coffee in one hand and Crawler's hand in another.