Radio host Bruce William's career was at full throttle from the start, but it was not the same when it came to his personal front; he had to go through a failed marriage before he found stability in his relationship.

Bruce William is the veteran American radio host, who holds a lengthy experience in the broadcasting field. The New Jersey native is best known from his radio show The Bruce Williams Show.

Still Alive: Bruce tells a story from his days in the Air Force when one day he got caught up in a rain-storm and had to change a flat tire in an underwear (Published on 15 August 2011)

The Bruce Williams Show the longest running talk show in the country. Bruce also made his name in American politics act holding a high profile position in his hometown.

Bruce Williams' Bio: Age, Career As Radio Host And Net Worth

Born on 18 February 1932, Bruce H. Williams initialized his broadcasting career as a host on radio WCTC's At Your Service in 1975, but he rose to prominence with his programming block in NBC Talknet, which he joined in 1981.

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The 86 year old radio host ran his nationally syndicated talk show, The Bruce Williams Show for 29 years which is considered America's Longest running radio talk show. Bruce used to answer his listeners through phone calls, addressing their queries on issues related to money, business, and other topics. The show lasted until 2010.

Bruce also worked for the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1999. He hosted the business and politics related show on the radio and was ranked the sixth greatest talk show host in radio history by Talkers Magazine. 

In 2013, Bruce announced his retirement from his long-time broadcasting career. But he continued to write his newspaper column, Smart Money, that appears in several American newspapers. He has derived the abundant amount of income from his career as a radio host. The source suggests that the average salary for a radio host in the United States is $46k per year.

For his experience in the related field, Bruce earned above the average salary that contributes to his striking net worth, despite the fact that the exact figures remain confined.

Failed Marriage to Current Relationship Status

Bruce, who was born on 18 February 1932, got married to Ruthann Burns in 1957. The couple shares five children together, namely Matthew, Mark, Robbins, Kelly, and Michael Williams. Bruce and his wife raised their children in their private kindergarten in New Jersey, started in 1961.

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Nevertheless, their marriage did not work well, and they later got separated in 1988.

Later, in January 1993, Bruce tied the knot with Susan Forbes, then investment banker with the Texas Commerce Bank in Houston, after about a year of engagement.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Bedford, New York. Just like Bruce, it was Susan's second marriage as well.

The couple has been able to perpetuate their marital relationship for a long time after the wedding. Lately, Bruce celebrated 2017's Christmas with his wife in Ireland; they attended St. Patrick's Cathedral Church for the celebration.

Old Love: Bruce with his wife Susan in St. Patrick's Cathedral Church In December 2017. (Photo: The Bruce Williams Show's Facebook Page)

Although they prefer remaining low-key, his longtime marital relationship with his wife is still alive, and the couple currently resides at his home in the north of Tampa, Florida, according to his website. But the website fails to reveal if they share any children or are just mesmerized in love for one another.

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Holding the similar names that match with the different personalities, the people are perplexed that he belongs to the gay community.

Some Enthralling Facts About Bruce Williams

1. Bruce has written five published books, Bruce Williams Source Book (1985), America Asks Bruce (1988), In Business For Yourself (1991), House Smart (1995), and Thanks For Asking (2000).

2. At the age of 86, Bruce is still active on his website and gives answers to the questions of general interests.

3. Bruce melted down lead pipes, shaping them into toy soldiers and sold them to other children when he was 11 of age during World War II.

4. Being involved in many businesses, Bruce founded the online store, Jersey Boy Pork Roll in 2009 that sold pork roll products from three manufacturers.

5. His piano bar, Jellyrolls at Disney's Broadwalk in Orlando is run by two of his children, Robbins and Michael. 

6. During the early days of his show, Bruce had come up with a tactic to make answering machines announce, 'we will call you back' and arrange a time to put listeners on air. But it was unsuccessful as Bruce did most of his shows in monologues with only occasional phone calls.