For American comedian Bo Burnham, age is just a number. That is why the famous comedian has no problem dating someone with a significant age difference.

He has been dating fellow showbiz compatriot Lorene Scafaria. A screenwriter and director, Lorene is more than a decade older than the multi-talented stand-up.

Bo Burnham Has 12 Years Of Age Gap With Girlfriend

Burnham and his girlfriend have been dating since 2013. Their relationship has been openly known to the public from the very start, mostly because of their age difference.

Burnham was born on August 21, 1990, in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and Lorene Scafaria on May 1, 1978, in Holmdel Township, New Jersey. When the American filmmaker had just begun uploading YouTube videos in 2006, future girlfriend Lorene was already directing Hollywood movies. At present, the Massachusetts native is 30 years old while Lorene is 42 years old.

The couple's age difference can be noticed easily when they appear in red carpet events, occasionally. And, a few of their fans do not hesitate to bring up the duo's age gap and their height difference to the fore.

For instance, in September of 2019, a Twitterati named Logan posted a picture of both Burnham and Lorene together while highlighting their 12-year age difference. Logan also made it a point to stress the boyfriend's towering height compared to Lorene's short stature. While Lorene stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches, the famous YouTuber-turned-filmmaker is 6 feet 4 inches.

But regardless of what anybody says, the talented pair, from what little access we have about their personal relationship, appear to be happy together. Clearly, Burnham doesn't mind what the world has to say about his and his girlfriend's age gap.

No Gap In Career Choices: Burnham's Girlfriend Is Also A Director

While there are discernible contrasts over age and height, the couple's differences seem to end right there. Apart from the physical appearances, both share a common passion for storytelling and filmmaking.

Burnham wooed critics and mainstream cinema-goers by directing and writing the 2018 film Eight Grade. He also shined as an actor in Promising Young Woman, Parks, and Recreation.

On the other hand, his partner-in-crime is equally involved in filmmaking. In fact, Lorene is a well-known American film director recognized for the hit movie Hustlers, with Jennifer Lopez as the lead.

Lorene’s other most notable works are Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Meddler, and the TV series Ben and Kate and New Girl. The Hustlers maker's hard work and dedication have landed her many award nominations like the EDA Awards, Independent Spirit Award for Best Director, and more. 

With similar career choices, Burnham and his girlfriend are currently at the top of their game. They are churning out successful Hollywood careers while enjoying each other's company, regardless of their dating history, age, or height difference.