There are many cases where a person separates from his/her life partner while making a career. The same happened in the life of the award-winning Mexican-American chef Aaron Sanchez.

While pursuing his career and building a successful professional life, the chef faced a major drawback in his personal life and had to part his ways from his singer wife, Ife Sanchez Mora.

Aaron Sanchez Was Married For Three Years

Aaron and Ife first met each other at a mutual friends’ dinner party. They later realized that they lived just four doors away in the same building.

A step towards friendship, and the two became fascinated by each other’s talents. Soon, they began dating and eventually decided to tie the knots.

In 2009, the talented chef shared the wedding vows with Ife Sanchez Mora. He invited his other chef friends during their auspicious day and asked them to bring their hand-made delicious foods.

Aaron Sanchez with ex-wife, Ife Sanchez Mora (Source: Marriedbiography)

On February 1, 2011, the duo shifted from their old place and settled down in Greenpoint into a 1,300 square-foot four-story rental building. There, the couple and Ife’s daughter from her previous marriage, Sofia, lived.

Just a month later, in March 2011, Ife gave birth to an adorable son named Yuma. Following their son's birth, the duo began flaunting pictures with their toddler through their social media accounts.

Unfortunately, Aaron and his wife's bond did not last much as the duo got divorced in 2012.

Aaron Sanchez's Career Took A Toll On Marriage

In an interview with ETOnline, on September 14, 2018, the chef explained that his career had been a challenge; he said he didn't get to spend much time with his family — which ultimately cost him his marriage. He stated, 

It’s extremely difficult. My career has cost me my marriage, it’s cost me spending time with my family. It’s been a hard road, it’s not easy.

Nevertheless, Aaron seems happy with his life and the time he spends with his son, Yuma. Whenever he is away from his son, he always makes time to share pictures to let him know that he misses him.

Is Aaron Sanchez Dating Anyone In 2020?

Though his former wife, Ife, has moved on from her past and is currently dating another guy, it seems as if the celebrity chef is still not in the mood of settling down with a new partner.

Or maybe, Aaron just likes to keep his personal life details up to himself only.

However, in March 2018, there was news which indicated that Aaron was dating someone. While describing a day of his life to Food & Wine, the co-owner of Johnny Sanchez restaurant mentioned:

I wake up with my girlfriend and her little Yorkie dog in my temporary house in Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, since that was more than two years ago, it cannot be said if Aaron is still in a relationship with his unknown partner or has broken up with her.

Aaron Is The Co-owner Of Tattoo Parlor, Daredevil Tattoo

Apart from his undying love for culinary and his son, the other thing Aaron relishes is tattoos. His love for tattoos can be seen all over his chest, arms, and back.

Moreover, Aaron’s fondness for tattoos can be proven by the fact that he is the proud co-owner of a New York-based tattoo parlor named Daredevil Tattoo.