Actress Tae Heckard was publicly taunted by her ex-fiance, Brandon Jennings, for her attempt to join the reality show, Basketball Wives. Brandon made it sound as Heckard was too old to be participating in such reality shows. But was she that old? What was her age at the time of the comment?

Well, know the answers and her current age while getting a thorough insight into her relationship with Brandon, her son, and her advocacy for breastfeeding.

Tae Heckard Ended Domestic Partnership To Marry Brandon Jennings

Tae Heckard started dating Brandon around 2014 after she was introduced to Brandon by his ex-fiance, Teyana Taylor. It was rumored that Teyana and Brandon were still together when Heckard and Brandon started dating.

Be it true or not, but Heckard was in a domestic relationship when she was dating Brandon. She had married her common-law wife named Monique Blanton in 2008 and separated with her in 2011. But, she was yet to divorce her legally.

So, when Heckard and Brandon got engaged in May 2014, Heckard filed for divorce with her female counterpart to clear the path for her intended marriage with Brandon.

However, things did not go as planned. The duo ended their engagement and also their relationship abruptly, in June 2015. Brandon reportedly said he might have been in "lust" rather than "love" with Heckard and also alleged that "she tried to play him" through his Tweets that officiated the breakup.

The separation occurred when Heckard was pregnant with Brandon's child and was close to the delivery date.

Tae Heckard Taunted By Ex-Fiance, Brandon Jennings

In July 2019, Heckard's ex-fiance Brandon took a public dig at her for wanting to join Basketball Wives, indicating that her age was not suitable for the show. Well, Tae was at the age of 41 at the time and trying to be a part of the show.

But, her ex-fiance took the news on his Instagram and wrote that the "41-year-old baby mama" trying to join Basketball Wives was not a job. He also stressed that Heckard was not the wife of a basketball celebrity. And as if that was not enough, Brandon taunted Heckard's partner, if she had any at the time. He said how could one man let his woman go out on TV and talk about her ex-partners.

Although Brandon dissed her in public, Heckard gave no visible concerns about it and opted to remain silent on the matter.

Tae Heckard Advocated Breastfeeding After Son's Birth

From her relationship with Brandon Jennings, Heckard has a son named Deuce Jennings; he was born on 5th November 2015.

Since his birth, Heckard flaunted her son through her Instagram accounts. However, posting cute pictures of him was not only what she did in her gram; she also raised her voice on the normalization of breastfeeding. For that, she posted pictures of breastfeeding her son and used the hashtag '#normalizebreastfeeding' consistently in her uploads.

As of 2020, Heckard's son is at the age of five. And thanks to her, he also has his own Instagram account.

How Old Is Tae Heckard?

Well, Tae Heckard is at the age of 42. Her date of birth is 15th April 1978.

At 42, the actress has notable credits in her portfolio. She has performed in movies such as ATLGetting Even, and Back Then.