Mia Fizz, aged 13, homeschooled by her YouTubers parents, is following in their footsteps. Not just that, she is rising to fame with her own YouTube Channel. 

Here are some fascinating wikis about her, covering about her family of Youtubers, Biological Parents' addiction problem, Step Dad's role in her family's bliss and the hefty net worth she has earned at an early age. 

1. Family Of YouTubers

Mia first appeared on YouTube in the video Vegan Kid’s first Burger King uploaded on her family’s channel Family Fizz. The channel was created on 24 June 2014 by Mia’s mother, Georgie, and her step-dad Darren.

The Fizz family’s only source of income is through YouTube and other social networking sites. The family is so much invested in YouTube that Mia's parents have preferred to homeschool her and her sister. They even have an agent as well as a manager to help them manage their YouTube channels.

Family Together: Mia and her family pose for the camera before the birth of Mia's youngest sibling (Photo: Fizz Family's Instagram)

On 19 July 2014, Mia along with her sister Sienna created a separate channel named Fizz Sisters where they uploaded videos about food, makeup, baking, and silly challenges.

They also uploaded the clips from their family vacations and parties, and in no time, the channel managed to collect more than 350,000 subscribers.

Three years later, Mia created her channel named Mia’s Life. The videos on her channel are mostly about the fun activities that Mia had been a part of so far. 

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As of 2018, the Fizz family are soon going to welcome a new member in their family, sharing the news with their fans on their Instagram page.

2. Conceived To Parents With Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Mia Fizz was born on 4 December 2004 in England to young parents struggling with addiction.

Her mother Georgie was just 16 when she gave birth to her but struggled with severe drug and alcohol addiction. 

Georgie struggled to cope with her addiction while sharing a partner, which made it even harder. On top of that, they had just given birth to Mia. So Georgie decided to separate from Mia’s biological dad and tried raising her daughter on her own.

However, Mia is very close to her mother. On January sixth of 2019, she posted a picture of herself along with her mother wishing her a very Happy 31st Birthday. Adding up, she said her mother is her inspiration to cope with both good and bad times, and when she gets old, walking with sticks, she would still take care of her.

Besides the fact that she is only sixteen years younger than her mother, they look like sisters while walking together.

3. Step Dad Rescues Mother To Start Family

After her mother separated from her biological dad, she met Darren. The pair hit it off and started seeing each other. Soon they were living together.

Sometime after living together, the pair got pregnant and later went on to give birth to Mia ’s half-sister Sienna. The couple then got engaged.

If her mother hadn't met her stepdad, things would have been much different and challenging in her life.

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Fortunately, they did meet and now are enjoying a blissful family full of YouTubers.

4. Earns Hefty Net Worth At Early Age

Mia Fizz isn’t only famous but also possess a mouth-watering net worth for someone of her age.

At the age of 13, she earns the majority of her net worth from her YouTube channels. According to Socialblade, she receives from $840 to $13.4 k per month from ad revenues generated by her YouTube channel Mia’s Life.

She also profits about $131 to $2.1K per month from her and her sister’s YouTube channel Fizz Sisters. She also shares  $7.8K - $124.3K  worth of monthly earnings generated from her family's  Youtube channel Family Fizz.

Despite keeping the actual net worth confined, the family is said to have a whopping net worth in millions, and with their popularity soaring to newer heights, it is only going to grow.

5. A New Fizz Member Adds Up

Back on July 10th of 2018, a new member was added in the Fizz family named Karma. The baby girl was born at 7:05 am in her mummy and daddy's bedroom weighing 8 pounds.

The whole birthing was captured in the camera, and a vlog was made out of it. Later on, Mia posted a picture of herself, holding baby Karma and mentioned that it was a completely magical and life-changing experience for her to watch this little bundle be born.

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New Family Member: Mia posing with her baby sister, Karma (Picture: Mia's Instagram)

The most interesting fact is that Fizz family have started a separate Instagram account named Karma Oak, dedicated to the newborn baby where they post adorable pictures of baby Karma. Moreover, Karma’s Instagram already has 197k followers.

The whole Fizz family was super excited to welcome the year 2019 along with their newborn baby Karma as it was her first new year’s eve. The family posted a picture of the whole family on their Instagram page and wished everyone a Happy New Year.