The life of a Hollywood celebrity may seem close to picture-perfect when the reel is rolling, things aren't always so pretty when the curtain closes. 

Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie is perhaps an ideal example of this.

Despite having a successful career run, the reality star's life projected to the public eye was very different when contrasted against the allegations made against her. 

Case in point: Her relationship with her eldest daughter Ta'kari Lee. 

Lee was thrown into the spotlight in 2016 when her youngest son Jaxson fell victim to burn injuries because of an accident at his daycare.

The World Was Oblivious to Their Relationship

The local media picked up the incident, and they framed the story to be that of a disparaged mother who was in desperate need of help.

Thankfully, a friend of hers set up a GoFundMe page to help her with the medical bills, and in due time the page achieved its goal.

Soon enough, gossip columns got wind that the victim's mother was actually the daughter of a celebrated star, despite the public funding page not having a trace of Christie's name on it.

It was only later made public that Christie's fellow BBW star Evelyn Lozada paid the entire goal. Still, little Jaxon's grandma was nowhere to be found.

Lee's Side of the Story

A year later, Lee sat down with Essence to shed light on her side of the story and revealed that she hadn't spoken to her mother in seven months when the accident occurred. 

According to Lee, her mother accused her of cutting off ties when in reality, she had been making efforts to mend their relationship. 

So, when her toddler was hurt, she did not expect anything from her celebrity mother, who, in her words, refused to even get in touch. 

was surprised [the accident wasn’t] enough reason for something, a text, an e-mail, a letter in the mail, anything.

That being said, Lee further revealed that her mother made attempts to frame their relationship for the media, as that of a happy one.

Lee admitted to being invited to events only to be shunned out into a corner, only to stand with her mother for "family pictures."

She even outright accused her mother and said,

She puts more effort into a relationship for TV.

It was not that Lee did not want her mother's approval, she admitted as much, but as time passed, she made peace with the fact that she would not have the relationship she wanted to have.

Christie has since made a public statement claiming the allegations against her to be false.

Christie Married Doug When Lee Was 6

Lee was born to Christie from her relationship to a now-convicted felon. Lee admitted to knowing very little about her parents' relationship apart from the fact that they did "business together." 

The mother of three had been estranged by her mother from the time she was born, and was raised by her maternal grandmother in Tacoma, Washington.

Christie tied the knot with former NBA player Doug Christie when her eldest was six years old. The couple had another two kids together. 

Although Lee shares an amicable bond with her step-father, her relationship with her mother and her step-sister can only be described as strained at best.