Rumors about DaniLeigh's pregnancy have been floating around the internet for a while now. However, in light of some recent shreds of evidence, there might actually be some weight behind those rumors.

The most compelling piece of evidence that suggests DaniLeigh's pregnancy was a YouTube upload of what appears to have originally been an Instagram story. 

Is DaniLeigh Pregnant?

The video featured DaniLeigh standing beside a brunch buffet table when the cameraperson asked her what she wanted to eat.

The 'Levi High' singer was probably famished because she claimed that she was eating everything. As the camera panned over to capture her response, the singer's pronounced baby bump was there for everyone to see. 

This clip, in particular, came into circulation sometime in April, but the rumors of her pregnancy were prevalent from as early as March 2021. 

Where It All Started

In March 2021, DaniLeigh sparked pregnancy rumors on Twitter when she attended an event. The media coverage from that event displayed, what looked like, a baby bump on the singer.

Although the bump was not as visible as in the previously discussed YouTube video, it was enough to get the Twitterati talking. 

While they were on the subject, the netizens pinned DaBaby as the baby's father since he was in a relationship with the singer up until February 2021. 

DaniLeigh has yet to make an official statement on the subject. 

DaBaby & DaniLeigh's Relationship Timeline

The whirlwind romance between DaBaby and DaniLeigh first made it to the public eye in December 2020 when she posted an intimate snap of the two on her Instagram.

The now-deleted selfie featured DaniLeigh hugging her beau from behind while making eye contact with the lens.

The boyfriend, on the other hand, did not face the camera and had a more serious expression on his face. Both of them were clad in matching white t-shirts. 

But as of February 2021, DaniLeigh was "Officially single," or so she claimed in an Instagram story. 

Backlash on Her Socials

DaniLeigh had been subjected to a lot of backlash for previewing her song 'Yellow Bone' on Instagram just a few weeks before her breakup.

Fans called her out for colorism and voiced their opinions regarding the song almost instantly. She later removed the video from her Instagram and put up an apology video in response.

In the latter video, she explained that she had been misunderstood and was just expressing what her then-boyfriend, DaBaby, liked. 

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

The Twitterati were divided into two camps during the online feud. 

"I genuinely hope that DaniLeigh is ok," wrote one user. "Breakups do suck and the fact that WOMEN are out here making fun of her because she’s single now does not sit right with me."

While a few resonated with that train of thought, others were simply not that kind to her. Another user wrote

So the Dani Leigh girl made that colorist anthem only to end up single??? All that showing off and he’s already moved on? Lmaoooooooooo lacked respect yourselves.

Coming back to the baby bump, recent Instagram uploads from the 'No Limits' singer almost deliberately hide her belly either with loose-fitting clothing or frames with her facing against the camera, with the exception of a few throwbacks, fueling even more speculations.