The teenage daughter of famous American rapper Snoop Dog, Cori Broadus, was born only yesterday but she is well on her way to stardom like her father.

The California-native, Cori, is mostly known for being the daughter of America's one of the most famous rapper. But recently, she has started to make a name of her own, releasing songs of her own.

New Phone, Who Dis?: Cori Broadus has released her new song called, New Phone, Who Dis? (Published on 2 July 2018)

Here we present to you some interesting facts and wikis about the popular rapper's soon-to-be-popular daughter, including her birthday, age, net worth, height, dating status, and boyfriend.

1. Cori Boardus's Wiki-Like Bio: Age, Birthday & Height

Born in the year 1999 in California as to famous rapper father, Snoop Dog, and entrepreneur mother, Shante Broadus, Cori celebrates her birthday on 22 June. She grew up with two brothers, Corde and Cordell.

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In 2017, Cori graduated from Los Angeles’ Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performance Arts.

Cori is of very short height, but with the age on her side, she might grow tall soon.

2. Cori Once Suffered From Lupus, Mother Waged War Against The Disease

When Cori was 11 years of age, she was diagnosed with lupus, a disease where the body’s immune system starts fighting the healthy cells. The terrified family members reached to Lupus LA, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and curing lupus.

While lupus might be in control for Cori, Shante has been an active force in the fight against the disease, fundraising for Lupus LA, increasing media awareness and even joining the board of Lupus LA.

3. Cori Is On Her Way Of Career Heights & Massive Net Worth

Grown up, through her parents’ divorce and reunion, and lupus, Cori is now 19 years of age and on her way to become an independent young woman, and a successful young woman, a musician just like her father.

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As of 2018, she has released a bunch of singles, the latest of which is an R & B track called New Phone, Who Dis?. Previously, she released her debut single, a melody, Same.

While Cori might still live under her father's unbelievable net worth of $ 135 million (according to the wikis), she is already on her way to make a pile of her own.

4. Cori Has Started Dating Boyfriends To Chagrin Of Her Parents

Coming to her personal life, Cori has been an independent woman as well, not heeding her parents’ decisions regarding her dating.

Her parents, like any other highly protective parents, had barred her dating anyone until the age of 18. Snoop even went as far as to say she shouldn’t be dating until the age of 77—as a joke of course.

Cori, however, has already grown up to be a woman and has started dating boyfriends, something she announced back in 2015, when she was only 16, two years younger than her mother’s minimum age, forget about her father’s.

The name of the boyfriend, however, has not been revealed. Moreover, it is also not known that whether now, at the age of 19, still the same boyfriend she was dating when she was 16.

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A woman like Cori are bound to spread their own wings, away from the span of her parents and Cori has done exactly that.