Zoe LaVerne is not having any of it.

The TikTok star, whose texts with Charli D'Amelio were recently leaked, has become a victim of another rumored text leak disaster. This time, the alleged texts hinted at her grooming an underage boy.

LaVerne, however, has cleared the air on the gossip.

Zoe LaVerne Accused of Grooming a 14-Year-Old Boy

On April 25, 2022, a TikTok account by the name of zoedoneparty uploaded a video from another account on Instagram called @zoesdestroyed. The video was a screen recording of a Snapchat conversation between two people, one of them named Zoe.

In the conversation, Zoe was talking to a guy, presumed to be someone named Eric, about their relationship. As Zoe is 20 and married, and Eric is presumed to be 14, the topic they were discussing is frowned upon by many.

One of Zoe's texts read, "i love you more eric," followed by "i don't know what i'm doing."

Alleged grooming texts between Zoe and a 14-year-old named Eric.

Alleged grooming texts between Zoe and a 14-year-old named Eric. (Photo: zoedoneparty/TikTok)

To this, Eric replied, "It's okay zoe! it's not your fault. let's keep what's going on secret." Zoe expressed she wasn't sure if she could keep it a secret in a subsequent text.

Eric then confessed that he "rlly rlly" liked her. He wrote that he could not hold in his feelings about her anymore and that she was "everything."

"There's so much that can happen," a voice initially presumed to be Zoe's says in a sound clip in reply. Eric still assures that everything was okay and wouldn't tell anyone else because he wasn't "like that."

This particular conversation ends with a "thank you" from Zoe.

In the next leaked conversation, Zoe is texting someone saying she could not talk to Eric anymore and that she did not want the same thing that happened with Connor, a 13-year-old fan she developed a connection with, to repeat with Eric.

Zoe LaVerne Dismantles Grooming Allegations

The above video spread like wildfire, and it eventually caught LaVerne's attention. She then felt the need to put the rumors to be once and for all.

The TikTok star took to Instagram on April 27, 2022, to address the accusations for the "last time." She wrote a long explanation clarifying why the entire conversation was a fake thing set up to bring her down.

"THIS IS NOT REAL. i've never had any conversation with this eric kid they're accusing me of grooming," LaVerne started her response. She then explained why the conversation was fake.

Zoe LaVerne denied grooming allegations and explains someone tried to make her look bad.

Zoe LaVerne denied grooming allegations and explained someone tried to make her look bad. (Photo: Zoe LaVerne/Instagram)

"if i was messaging him then when they swiped up to see my snapchat it would show them my snap score," she pointed out. "i clearly don't have this person added."

LaVerne accused someone of setting up a fake Snapchat, copying her bitmoji, and the way her name is seen on her account. Then, according to her theory, they sent "an audio message from another phone of me on live."

The perpetrator then recorded Laverne's Snapchat and edited the two together seamlessly to make it look real.

In her following stories, she showed how the conversation would look if it were her account and posted a screenshot she got of an Instagram "tea page" putting the video together.

"please stop believing everything you hear on the internet," she implored everyone. Then, she posted a screenshot of the imposter Snapchat account doing all this and another screenshot showcasing the bad editing the perpetrators did.

Zoe LaVerne shows the fake Snapchat ID someone used to fabricate text messages.

Zoe LaVerne shows the fake Snapchat ID someone used to fabricate text messages. (Photo: Zoe LaVerne/Instagram)

As for the voice message, LaVerne explained it was from a video where she was explaining she wouldn't do a house tour because her address could get leaked.

Ending her responses on a responsible note, she requested everyone not to hate on her supporters.

"they're allowed to support whoever they want. and they have nothing to do with what I do," she wrote. "it's immature. send ALLLL the hate to me please, not them."

The reason LaVerne responded to this so promptly might lie in her history with a similar case. In October 2020, texts and videos of her interacting unusually with a then-13-year-old Connor leaked.

She apologized soon after, denying she ever groomed him, but that left an imprint on everyone. This time, however, LaVerne has saved herself from further trouble.