With the likes of Dixie D Amelio and Addison Rae releasing songs and accompanying music videos, it is no secret that content creators are using TikTok to attempt to develop a music career.

But when Brooklynne ‘xoBrooklynne’ Webb joined the train, it became a controversy. 

Webb is known for her POV (point of view) videos and her love of all things princess-related.

However, the TikToker changed her content and started posting singing-related videos.

She announced that she was pursuing a music career and posted a video singing Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well,’ which was not auto-tuned.

Viewers could hear her real voice clearly, and unfortunately for Webb, she received backlash, and it became a controversy. 

Her singing video went viral, and people commented that she lacked the talent and the skills, but Webb kept her cool and said she would be releasing her debut song ‘My Crown’ soon.

xoBrooklynne’s Debut Song

And finally, on December 8, Webb released the song and the official music video filled with the singer’s signature color: pink.

The new song has been viewed on YouTube over two million times as of this writing. 

The singer, who had been a victim of online hate, struck back at her haters and claimed that “everyone wants a piece of [her] crown.”

However, the lyrics like “I’m better than everyone else” rubbed her fans the wrong way.

Fans commented her usually positive persona had taken a swift turn and that fame had changed her.

“Perfect example of how fame can change someone. She went from body positivity to making one of the most self-absorbed songs I’ve ever heard,” one commenter said on YouTube. 

Meanwhile, others have roasted the video, saying they could not believe she was serious and said she needed to be canceled. 

xoBrooklynne didn’t hit back at the criticism directly throughout the backlash and even claimed that she was releasing an entire album on December 18. 

xoBrooklynne Addresses the Controversy

But on December 18, instead of releasing the album, she released a YouTube video titled ‘HOW TROLLING GAVE ME A MUSIC CAREER!

She explained that she was not pursuing a music career, but it was a satirical way of dealing with haters online.

She explained that the project started as something small and goofy but unexpectedly blew out of proportion. 


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She said she had the idea for this project last year, but it slowly took shape when she approached her managers in April.

She convinced them, and they began writing the song in June. The song was sung by her friend Jillian. 

Webb acknowledged that she was not a singer, but she was not as bad as she made herself appear on TikTok either.

She explained that it was all a marketing gimmick to blow her song up.

Webb explained that since she had been receiving hate, she could predict that her haters would talk about her singing video and make it a controversy.

But this made the release of her song more successful, as it kept people talking about her. 

So it looks like Webb was never serious about pursuing a career. Instead, she was using the hate and the controversy to market her song, which fans agreed was a genius move.