Woody McClain is an American actor who rose to fame as a professional dancer. He grew his fanbase via Vine, where he used to make people cry from laughing too hard. 

His gift of comedy was recognized in 2015 by Kevin Hart's company, HartBeat Digital. Soon, he moved on to acting and has been able to land big projects.

He got his big break in the acting industry after auditioning for BET's The New Edition Story and landing the role of the lead character, Bobby Brown. He also reprised his role in The Bobby Brown Story

He has also starred in other projects like Tales, Training Day, 50 centsPower Book II: Ghost, and Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. 

Many people believe the actor comes from a family involved in the entertainment industry. This is because he shares his last name with the members of the girl group Thriii — China Anne McClain, Sierra Aylina McClain, and Lauryn McClain.

China, Sierra, and Lauryn started a girl group in 2005 by the name of 3mcclaingirls. They were signed with Hollywood Records in 2011 as McClain Sisters. 

Today, they go by the name Thriii and are still active in the music scene. Besides singing, the three sisters have an acting career of their own. 

Are McClain Sisters' Woody McClain Siblings?

Many people believe that the McClain sisters are Woody's siblings, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The speculations started after Sierra posted a selfie with Woody and China on Instagram in February 2017. The trio looked cozy together with goofy looks on their faces. 

Sierra captioned the picture as "Just a few of the McClains," which made people speculate that the McClain sisters were Woody's siblings. Unfortunately, the speculations are wrong since the four of them are not related by blood. 

However, the sisters and Woody have siblings of their own. The McClain sisters have a younger brother named Gabriel, but not much is known about him. 

In April 2019, Sierra wished "Gabe" on his 18th birthday. She called him her best friend. She posted a picture of them flying to Oakland to see Gambino. 

Woody, on the other hand, has a sister. He does not talk about her much, but he has mentioned her once in an interview. 

While talking to Essence in 2017 about a controversial tweet, he mentioned his sister and mother. The actor had tweeted "If it ain't white it ain't right" back in 2012, which resurfaced in 2017. 

He addressed the tweet, saying it was just a joke, and that he he "loved Black women." It was then that he mentioned his sister and mother, saying they were Black and he loved his "Black Queens."

Other than that instance, he has not mentioned his sibling.