Anna Akana, who appeared as Raikou in Netflix's superhero series Jupiter's Legacy earlier this year, is a woman of many talents. And over the years, she has proved her talent working as a professional actress, comedian, musician, filmmaker, and YouTuber.

In the early phase of her career, around 2013, the 32-year-old diva had also acquired considerable fame for her alleged relationship with fellow YouTube star Ray William Johnson.

The two reportedly started dating in March 2013. When they were in a relationship, Akana and Johnson also appeared on each other's social media and created various content together.

But Akana and her ex-boyfriend are no longer dating now. So what happened to them, and why did they break up?

Beginning of Their Relationship

As stated earlier, Akana and Johnson started their relationship in March 2013. However, for a long time before that, they were just good friends.


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Their relationship eventually became pubic when A Million Little Things cast changed her Facebook status in the BreakingNYC vlog from "Single" to "It's Complicated."

They also shared their first kiss in another BreakingNYC vlog entitled 'Vegas New Years.'

For those of you who are new to Akana's life, she ran a YouTube channel called BreakingNYC, where she posted vlogs and featured her once boyfriend Johnson.

The channel presently has over 644,000 subscribers, but it is not active, and all the content is deleted.

Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson's Projects Together

Akana and Johnson previously worked together on the Facebook series Riley Rewind. Johnson directed the series while Akana wrote and starred in it.

In the series, the actress played a high school student who can "rewind" moments in her life and live them over and over again.

Using her powers, she even saves students who died due to a bomb in the past. 

The two also hosted a podcast, Runaway Thoughts, on YouTube. But the contents have been deleted from the platform now.

But ‘We Didn’t Work Out,’ Akana Says

Akana's relationship with Johnson didn't last long, as they separated after dating for just over a year.

On July 11, 2014, the actress even posted a video on another YouTube channel, where she talked about her breakup with her boyfriend.

She started the video with a comic gig and showed how girls normally reacted to their breakups.

She also jokingly described herself as a "serial monogamist," who for the past ten years had jumped from one relationship to another relationship and had never been single for more than three months.

She stated the jump was searching for the perfect partner who would put a ring on her finger and be with her forever.

Later, she got into the point and confirmed that she and Johnson were not dating.

She also revealed the reason why they broke up, saying, "Look, Ray's a great person. I love him very much, and I am always going to respect him. And he gave me Congress [cat], so...we're cool."

"But, as amazing as he is, and as amazing as I'd like to think I am, we didn't work out," she added.

In the video, she stated that she was determined to spend the next year being single, and parallelly, she aimed to focus on the aspects of her life, her career, and become a better person.

Evidently, she has improved a lot as a content creator and actress from that day to the present.