Since debuting through Imaginary Crimes in 1994, Zoe McLellan took her acting career full-throttle ahead. She acted in a plethora of movies and TV series, including JAG, Perception, and Diagnosis Murder.

In 2014, she landed the lead role of Agent Meredith Brody in the ever-growing franchise, NCIS: New Orleans. While her fans expected to see more of her in the show, McLellan, surprisingly, exited the series after two seasons in 2016.

After the exit, the California native did minor roles in a few projects. But she stopped doing shows after 2019's Is My Daughter Really Dead? prompting followers to ask what is Zoe McLellan doing now?

Sadly, she has been embroiled in controversy since early 2020.

The Rise of Controversy

McLellan married Jean-Pierre Gillian in 2012, gave birth to their only son Sebastian, and parted ways after over three years of marriage in 2016.

Following the divorce, the duo got into a nasty custody battle for their son, with Gillian accusing McLellan of abducting the child in 2017. The mother-of-one defended the allegations, claiming she moved to Toronto from Louisiana to film Designated Survivor. 

The court supported her statements and let her have custody of the kid. The resolution, however, was miles far from the end of their divorce saga. 

In January 2020, the 46-year-old accused her ex-husband of first-degree rape and abuse of their then-three-year-old son. In the light of the kid's confession, Gillian served four months in Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana. 

But he got himself released and exonerated following the lack of evidence.

Zoe McLellan's Statement after Gillian's Release

Around the time Gillian went to jail, McLellan set her social media accounts to private, leaving a FundRazr link in the bio. In the link last updated in September 2020, the actress mentioned she had to stay off the internet as per the request of law enforcement.

She was admittedly being stalked and threatened by her ex-partner's family members, lawyers, and supporters.

After clarifying why she stayed under the radar, McLellan shared Gillian was actively seeking custody of their son. She stated, 

He will stop at nothing to get his victim, our son, back in his hands so he can abuse him and punish him for telling.

The former NCIS star asserted Sebastian had been safe with her since she won custody on February 13, 2019. And she alleged Gillian wanted the kid's custody to silence him.

She also said that she would fight whatever battle needed to keep her son safe.

At the end of her lengthy write-up, McLellan thanked everyone who helped her financially through funds and shared that she had changed the campaign into a nonprofit organization. 

In her own words, the extra funds would be donated for public education and legal assistance for people like her and her son. 

Gillian Wanted for Kidnapping

Since her public statement, McLellan and her son have vanished with no information on where they live. And the scenario has only worsened.

As per a report from TMZ in July 2021, the court issued an arrest warrant for McLellan out of L.A. County in May 2021, branding her as wanted. She was charged with kidnapping, child stealing, and child custody deprivation. 

Ironically, the report wasn't as surprising as Gillian's comments on the matter. He talked to RadarOnline on July 24, 2021, stating he wanted to restore the truth over the "complete fabrication." 

The Bottle Shock actor then claimed McLellan was capable of anything. Pointing out her mom had bipolar disorder, and she also diagnosed herself with the condition, Gillian alleged McLellan's mental state wasn't normal. 

He recounted how the actress forced her son to stay at a psychiatric hospital in 2018 for a redundant two-week stretch. He was thought to be suicidal despite reportedly showing no such signs. 

His interview with RadarOnline disclosed that McLellan's ex-boyfriend was also on his legal team. The ex-boyfriend had realized that their kid showed no signs or recognizable behavior patterns as an abused kid. 

As the actual truth regarding McLellan and Gillian remains a mystery under a blanket of accusations, it's unclear where the situation will end up.