Sean Murray was supposed to guest star in just a single episode of the CBS drama NCIS in 2003. However, because of some fortuitous events, the actor’s role as special agent Timothy McGee continued in the hugely popular drama, and he is now one of the show’s most famous faces.

Having played the same character in the same show for almost 20 years and 18 seasons, the character has gone through quite some growth.

McGee certainly is one character in the show who has changed the most over the years. But Murray’s character isn’t the only one who has changed, as the actor himself has attracted a lot of attention from his fans for his transformation.

Murray is Making Healthier Food Decisions

The NCIS actor recently caught the show’s fans’ eyes because of visible changes in appearance, as Murray now appears to be a lot leaner than just a couple of months back.

When talking to Studio 10, Murray admitted he had gotten lazy before but was now eating a lot better and using every opportunity he got to take care of himself.

You know it’s easy to get lazy on your set and eat a lot of food and do all that stuff. So you really try and watch yourself and take care of yourself when you can. And you know… when I have had some free time, I have used the opportunity as of late to try and you know take care of myself, eat a lot better and that stuff.

He further added that any weight gain or loss he went through was made more apparent as it showed easily on his face.

Murray’s Voice Change Received Similar Attention

This isn’t the first time Murray has received attention from NCIS fans over his transformation. In 2010, McGee’s voice changed from a soft voice to a raspy growl after seven seasons.

Murray had quit smoking and lost 25 pounds back then. He even tweeted how he lost weight after the matter received much attention. He revealed that he strictly followed an organic diet for 14 months and stayed away from sugar and alcohol.

After Murray shared about losing 25 pounds, many fans speculated that the change in his voice was because of healthy living and having quit smoking. The theory is backed up by science, as excess weight can lighten a man’s voice due to increased production and storage of female hormones.

While the reasoning sounds plausible, and many believe it, some fans think that the change in voice was deliberate to fit the evolving McGee better. After all, he had come a long way from being a rookie to an experienced agent.