Victor Cruz deserves an award for being the best father for his daughter, Kennedy. He welcomed his kid with his ex girlfriend, Elaina Watley.

While the two are no longer together, they are civil with each other for the sake of their child. That is to say, they are successfully co-parenting her.

In 2020, the former NFL star and his kid graced the covers of Parents Latina's August/September issue.

During an interview with the magazine, Cruz opened up about raising Kennedy and co-parenting with Watley. 

Victor Cruz Co-parenting Daughter With Ex 

Cruz may now be a successful man with an impressive record of a decade-long football career. But it was not the same when he was young.

But despite the success, he keeps himself grounded and wants to instill the same values into his daughter. 

As per his accounts, he often took her to his old neighborhood and showed her where he came from. He explained the journey he had been through to help her understand they had "come a long way."

Victor Cruz posing with his daughter, Kennedy.

Cruz posing with his daughter, Kennedy, in June 2021. (Source: Instagram)

He also shared he got help from his ex girlfriend to take care of Kennedy. Even though they had separated, they communicated well with each other. 

They keep their ego aside to avoid "turmoil and distraction" for the sake of their kid. He pointed out that the "focus should never be on the parents" to co-parent properly.

Victor Cruz's Daughter — A Proud Afro-Latino

Cruz, a proud Afro-Latino, revealed that he taught Kennedy to be the same. He raved about his child, calling her energetic, smart, and not shy about anything.

The former football player went on to say that his daughter took his personality and "ramps it up two notches."

Victor Cruz and his daughter Kennedy at the Brooklyn Museum.

Victor Cruz and Kennedy at the Brooklyn Museum. (Source: Instagram)

The father-daughter duo also loves to volunteer for good causes. For instance, they volunteered at a homeless shelter in Paterson on 2019 Thanksgiving. 

In his own words, Paterson played a huge role in his life, helping him embrace his heritage and ethnicity. 

Cruz noted they planned to volunteer every year to teach Kennedy the importance of taking care of their communities.

Currently, he lives 17 minutes away from his old neighborhood. This way, Kennedy can also embrace her heritage like her father. 

Moreover, he teaches her about his family culture and the importance of being in touch with one's roots. He is even raising her to be "bilingual and multicultural." 

Victor Cruz's Previous Girlfriend

Cruz's last known dating relationship was with ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Victor Cruz's previous girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Cruz's previous girlfriend Karrueche Tran. (Source: Instagram)

The two had been friends before the former NFL player asked Tran to be his girlfriend in December 2017.

Their relationship was confirmed after they were spotted walking hand-in-hand in L.A.

But their budding romance reportedly hit a rough patch when they could not quarantine together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless, they were making it work through FaceTime. 

After three years of being together, Cruz separated from his girlfriend in February 2021. As reported by E! News, the two were focused on growing their careers. 

Furthermore, it was reported that the two had no hard feelings towards each other. Rather, they were "moving forward in life separately."