On top of his hugely successful music career, Tyler The Creator also has a massive online presence. And to many people, if not for his songs, the rapper is known for his provocative nature.

One of Tyler The Creator’s most notorious tweets about cyberbullying he made back in 2012 is still revisited by people even to this day. He wrote cyberbullying wasn’t real, and all one needed to do was walk away from the screen and look away.

The rapper made another tweet to continue the same topic, writing that cyberbullying was stupid as people didn’t know when to turn off their computer screens.

But, CuberBullying Is ****ign Retarded And Shows That Some People Dont Know How To Turn A ******* Computer Screen Off Haha Come On Now

The tweets have since spawned off thousands of discussions on cyberbullying, turning Tyler The Creator’s take on it into a highly divisive issue.

Tyler The Creator’s Tweets Generated Many Discussions On Cyberbullying

After Tyler The Creator tweeted about it, many people on the internet began discussing it. While some agreed with his statement and thought simply walking away would solve the problem, many argued that it wasn’t as simple as turning a blind eye to such a serious issue.

Many netizens thought the rapper was just being sarcastic or provocative with his tweet while others called him out on his take, saying it was exactly this kind of attitude that exacerbated the problem of cyberbullying.

To this day, it’s not exactly known whether the 'Yonkers' rapper just meant to poke fun at people who considered cyberbullying a genuine threat or just made the tweet as a passing remark with no real thought. Still, it hasn’t stopped people from using it and it’s brought into various arguments/discussions regarding cyberbullying.

In 2016, an article in Affinity saw Kenna Sharp share her personal experiences with cyberbullying and why she did not see simply walking away from the screen as a valid solution.

Sharp shared how she had been harassed by thousands of people online for weeks on end, the situation degrading to the point of her receiving death threats. She also received support from many youths, but the constant harassment had taken a toll on her mental health.

I cried myself to sleep so many nights and had countless anxiety attacks from being relentlessly attacked by so many people.

Tyler The Creator Memes

Aside from discussion and arguments, Tyler The Creator’s tweets have also spawned many memes.

Aside from just using the tweet or snippets of it for the laugh factor, there has also been some other usage of his tweets.

For instance, a YouTube video titled ‘Hahahahahahahaha How The **** Is Cyber Bullying Real’ takes a clip from the anime Gatchaman Crowds that shows a character turning off her phone as an answer to how she deals with online harassment and cyberbullying.