Trixie Mattel is implying that Kylie Jenner copied her makeup line.

On January 27, 2022, the famed drag queen took to TikTok to post a video, where she hinted that Jenner had taken inspiration from her products for her new collection.

In the said TikTok video, Trixie is first seen applying her lip-gloss but suddenly stops and gives a shocking expression when she notices the fellow internet star’s similar-looking line.

“Kylie I’m calling the police,” she captioned her video, which featured The X Files theme tune.

Trixie Mattel reacting to Kylie Jenner's makeup line.

Trixie Mattel reacting to Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. (Photo: Instagram)

The stealing scandal or accusation, so to say, came right after Jenner launched her Valentine’s Day range on January 26, 2022, showing off her products packaged in heart shapes and bright pink colors.

Fans Ask Trixie Mattel to Sue Kylie Jenner

Mattel’s video quickly went viral on the internet, with many netizens expressing their disbelief over the similarities between the drag queen and Jenner’s makeup line.

Some fans are even asking Mattel to sue the famed model in the video’s comment section.

“YOU BETTER SUE RN,” TikTok star Nicky Nightmare wrote while a user on the platform similarly commented, “literally sue.”

American cook Alexis Nikole also chimed in, asking, “Okay but like… it’s suing time, right?”

“i know nothing about lawsuits but that’s the same shape and font, get your money girl!” another fan noted.

Mattel also posted her reaction video on Twitter, writing, “breaking my silence and addressing the situation.”

Fans reacted to her Twitter post with similar messages to her TikTok video.

But despite fans urging her to sue Jenner and she herself captioning that she was calling the police, it appears that Mattel has not sued Jenner as of now. That is because no official news regarding that has come out.

In addition, it is also unclear if she will take the model to court in the wake of the stealing scandal.

The Similarities in Makeup Productsk

As stated earlier, Jenner gave a sneak peek of her new love-themed Kylie Cosmetics makeup products, named The Valentine Collection.

In her post, she revealed that the collection would be launched on February 3, 2022.

The collection includes two matte lip kits, a pressed powder palette , blush sticks, a lip gloss set, a lip balm set, a highlighter, and false lashes.

However, in 2019, Mattel also started her own beauty brand, Trixie Cosmetics, with each product with her signature kitsch aesthetic touch.

Now, when Jenner launched her product, fans started pointing out that her product looked the same as Mattel, including from the font to the heart-shaped packaging.

And while the drag queen has already given her impression of the fellow model’s products, Jenner hasn’t addressed the similarities or remarked on the backlash.

That said, this is not the first time fans have been left disappointed by Jenner’s products. In 2021, her new swimsuit brand, Kylie Swim, faced similar backlash for selling poor quality products in several reviews on TikTok.