The last time we reported on the controversial non-binary YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, they were married and reeling with happiness.

They uploaded a video on their YouTube channel titled ‘WE’RE MARRIED!’ after the couple’s special day was over to talk about everything that happened and how they felt. 

At the start of the video, the newly wedded couple talked about the “runaway groom” situation.

Paytas said they heard Moses Hacmon trying to leave as they were told that he was trying to take the car and be a runaway groom. 

To this, Hacmon explained that he was trying to get a new shirt.

But when he tried to leave, the valet refused to hand the keys over, saying that Paytas had given them specific instructions not to. 

Paytas was shocked and denied ever saying something like that upon learning about it. 

Trisha Paytas and the Runaway Groom

After Paytas’ video went live, rumors started circulating that they had held their husband hostage so that he would not run away, and thus he was forced to marry them.

People also took to Twitter to express their thoughts, accusing them of abusing Hacmon.

But before the accusations and drama could escalate any further, Paytas released a TikTok video responding to the runaway groom situation.

At the start of the video, they criticized Insider, “the national inquirer of the internet,” for not getting anything right. 


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They shared that the news outlet had reported they held their husband hostage.

They explained that no one listened to the video properly, and their words were misconstrued.

They wouldn’t give him [Hacmon] the car, so we were trying to figure out if they were joking and who told them he could not take the car. So it was either someone at the venue or someone coordinating the wedding, or it was a joke. 

They then added that they even said why they asked Hacmon why he wasn't allowed to take the car in the clip.

They also noted that Hacmon never said the valet had been instructed by Paytas not to give him the car.

Trisha Paytas and the Wedding Drama

The other thing that Paytas addressed was about the time after they walked down the aisle and were about to get on stage. 

They explained that before they got on stage, Hacmon ran to the side, which most people assumed was his attempt at running away from their wedding.

But they clarified that Hacmon was trying to help them.

They needed the stairs to get on stage, but at the ceremony, the stairs were moved to the side when it was initially at the front during the rehearsals.

Paytas did not know how to get on stage, so Hacmon ran to help them up. 

After all the clarifications, they acknowledged that people were bitter about their wedding and wanted to gossip.

They then ended the video by asking viewers to radiate love and positivity.