Famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas finds themselves in drama every single day. Sometimes it is with their family members, other times it's with their friends who have been with them for over a decade. 

While some scandals are petty and dramatic for no reason, some of them are serious. Recently, they were dragged on Twitter for lying about donating to kids in need. 

According to their past controversies, Paytas lies about most things and twists the narrative according to their story. So, in this situation, their fans wondered if the things they said about donating had any truth to them. 

Did Trisha Paytas Lie about Donations?

On September 8, 2021, Paytas took to Twitter to post four screenshots and vent their frustrations. The first screenshot was of a person commenting on their Instagram about how Paytas wastes a lot of money on music videos.  

Paytas is fond of singing, and it is evident by their YouTube channel where they put so much effort into producing one music video. Their passion translates to the viewers, but it is also apparent that those videos are high production and cost a lot of money. 

The Instagram user pointed that out to the YouTuber and said they could use that money to donate to children in need instead. Also, the user implied that Paytas could use a break from music and provide food for the needy. 

Paytas was hurt and mad at the comment, so they posted it on Twitter with three other screenshots of them donating money to Feed the Children. They hinted they get these kinds of comments now and then, but this one pissed them off. 

They then defended themselves, saying that they do only six music videos a year, and they have been donating to Feed the Children ten times every month for the last six years. 

According to the receipts they posted, an installment of $34 went to the organization every month. Since Paytas said they donated ten times every month, that brings their total donation per month to $340. 

However, soon after the YouTuber tweeted, a video resurfaced on Reddit, which hinted that they lied about the donation. Paytas was seen on the poolside with their fiancé Moses Hacmon, talking about Feed the Children in the video. 

They confessed they did not know that they had been donating to the organization for a long time. Paytas only learned about the situation after their accountant told them they had been making donations to Feed the Children for the past eight years.

Apparently, the donations were being made by Paytas' personal bank account, the account they didn't check often. Therefore, the YouTuber contradicted themselves in the tweets. 

Previously, they had also said that the donations were a mistake on her Frenemies podcast. Therefore, it seems like they structured the situation to appear as if they were making a monthly donation on purpose for years.

However, those payments were made by mistake for at least a couple of years.

Trisha Paytas Gets Dragged On Twitter 

As soon as Paytas tweeted her defense, people started dragging her on social media. Many pointed out that Paytas earns a lot, so $34 was a minimal amount to donate. 

Similarly, many pointed out that they admitted the donations were made mistakenly on Frenemies. However, many fans were defending Paytas as well. They said that the YouTuber was at least contributing, no matter how big or small it was. 

Paytas is yet to reply to these comments.