American actor T.R. Knight hid his sexuality for the longest time before an unfortunate incident outed him as gay in 2006.

However, since coming out of the closet, he has had an arguably better life.

Knight has been leading a happy married life with his husband Patrick Leahy for almost a decade and is a proud gay actor.

In this article, we delve into T.R. Knight's sexuality and relationship timeline. Know his dating history and marital status.


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However, before we begin, let's start the article with his brief introduction and movies and TV shows if you aren't familiar with his work. 

What are popular T.R. Knight Movies and Tv shows?

Born on 26 March 1973 (age 50) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, Theodore Raymond Knight is best known for portraying the role of Dr. George O'Malley in the ABC medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy.

With the role, he set an example that a gay actor could portray such a multifaceted straight role. 

O'Malley previously was an intern before gradually rising up the ranks to be a trusted and skilled surgeon.

The character died in season 6 by jumping in front of a bus while saving a woman's life and many fans remained shocked to see the death of their longtime favorite character. 

And if you didn't know the reason behind Knight's exit from the show, it had to do with a "breakdown of communication"  between the show's creator Shonda Rhimes and him. 

Knight revealed to EW in 2002 that he notified Rhymes that he wanted to leave the show after his screen time was reduced in season 5 (2008-2009) and sudden changes in his characters' storylines were made, which he implied could have been because of him coming out abruptly. 

He also disclosed that she had discouraged him from coming out (she denies this). 

If you didn't know, Knight officially came out in 2007. At the time, only his professional colleagues and other close friend knew about  

Since 2020, he had been portraying Davey Bowden in the HBO Max dark comedy-drama mystery thriller The Flight Attendant, which is based on the novel of the same name written by Chris Bohjalian. 


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T.R. Knight's Coming Out Story

Knight, Isaiah Washington, and Patrick Dempsey were all cast members of Grey's Anatomy in 2006. On 9 October 2006, they would be doing a late-night shoot for the show.

However, Dempsey was late for the shoot on the set and everyone had to wait for him, including Washington. Washington felt like it was disrespectful of Dempsey to do so.

This escalated into a brawl where Washington physically threatened Dempsey not to talk to him as how he did to Knight. He also referred to Knight using a homophobic slur (f****t).


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The situation cooled down after several people intervened. But, someone leaked the incident to the media, which started rumors about Knight being gay.

This had severely affected his life because he had not come out to his family until then. So, when the details of the incident got out, his family knew about his sexuality.

After this, he felt it was important to talk about his position. Therefore, on October 19, 2006, he publicly confirmed to People magazine that he was, in fact, gay.

He wanted to stop unnecessary rumors about him and be open and honest about his orientation. However, he also revealed that he still preferred to keep his personal life under wraps.

"While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me," he said in the statement.

Washington was fired from the show shortly after this incident.


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Despite the circumstances of his coming out, he did not feel that it was that difficult for him.

During an interview with HuffPost in March 2016, he said, "I'm lucky that it wasn't dangerous for me." while also recognizing that it is nevertheless "not easy" regardless and some people have it worse than others because of persecution and ostracization.

However, he also felt that it was better if everyone was true to themselves. He felt a "strength" in being honest with himself and felt the community would be stronger if everyone had similar feelings.

T.R. Knight's Married Life with Husband Patrick Leahy

Later in the same interview, Knight talked about his thankfulness for being allowed to marry his husband, Leahy, legally.

"To be allowed to be wearing this and have it be legal, that's incredible," he said, talking about his wedding ring.

According to Daily Mail, Knight and Leahy started dating in 2010 and went public with their relationship that same year. Then, three years later, the Grey's Anatomy star married his now-husband.

T.R. Knight with his husband Patrick Leahy at their wedding.

T.R. Knight with his husband Patrick Leahy at their wedding. (Photo: T.R. Knight/Instagram)

Their nuptials happened in a small ceremony held on October 4, 2013, in Upstate New York. Only his closest family members and friends were present, including his Grey's Anatomy co-stars Katherine Heigl and Kate Walsh.

They celebrated their 8th marital anniversary in 2021. Knight expressed his gratitude towards his friend Marylouise Burke, who officiated their wedding in a celebratory post.

"Eight years of gratitude for those who fought to make it possible, of hope for those who still don't have the right... and we honor the memory of those who never had the chance," he wrote in the post.

Back in 2020, Knight also celebrated 10-year anniversary of his relationship with Patrick Leahy. He wrote on Instagram posting a lovely photo of them together,

Ten years ago, @bridgeteverett @zshaffer1 and @jasoneagan made meeting this magnificent human possible. My goal for the next ten? Keep trying to deserve him,” he finished, adding that the actual photo was from one of his “favorite adventures” with Leahy, and the next day they found their golden pup Traveler.

Did T.R. Knight have a wife?

The Adam the First and Sydney vs. Sean actor maintained an extremely private love life before his relationship with Patrick became public. 


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Hence, the past dating and marital history of the talented actor remains unknown.