In 2011, shortly after her divorce from ex husband Alex Young, Kate Walsh revealed she felt like a loser for not being able to have kids. 

She hoped she would still be able to have kids but confessed that was not something she wanted to do by herself.

"I would definitely love to be a parent but I definitely don't think I want to do it on my own," said the actress.

In her recollection, Walsh said she knew she wanted to become an actress but wished to live a normal married life being a mother to her "three or four" kids.

Kate Walsh Revealed She Couldn't Have Kids

In 2015, the television star shared she had early menopause, which prevented her from having kids with her former husband.

"I don't have children. I am not going to have kids. I went through early menopause," she shared during her conversation with Maria Menounos on SiriusXM.

Walsh disclosed she went to see a doctor after learning about her older sister's early menopause. 


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While the actress called her test "bleak," she said her overall experience was of a "great kind."

According to the Bad Judge star, she was told she had one egg with a hairline fracture.

Walsh believed her condition was "more and more common" for women in recent times and gave several suggestions for the probable cause.

"It could be a product of our environment," said Walsh. In addition, she also hinted at the use of pregnancy pills that could potentially lead to infertility.

While reflecting on her split from Young just after a year of marriage, Walsh said she learned her lesson about taking things slowly in her dating life.

Kate Walsh's Divorce from Ex Husband

Walsh's former husband, renowned for working as a movie executive, filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable difference."

According to court papers filed by Young in Los Angeles Superior Court, the couple asked for legal separation on November 22, 2008.

Walsh's former husband requested the court not to award spousal support to her.

In 2010, their relationship ended after a Los Angeles judge legally dissolved their marriage.

Kate Walsh with her former husband Alex Young.

Kate Walsh with her ex husband Alex Young during an event. (Photo: Twitter) 

Reportedly, a coin toss was put in place to determine how they would divide their property while compiling their settlement. 

"Papers have been filed to amicably end the marriage of executive Alex Young and actress Kaate Walsh," read the joint statement released by the former couple in the aftermath of their legal separation.

The former pair, who started dating early in 2007, got married in September of the same year. They tied the knot during a private ceremony in the presence of one hundred guests, including family members, friends, and Walsh's Grey's Anatomy co-stars.

Flash-forward to January 2022, Walsh was spotted with her boyfriend, Andrew Nixon, during a romantic getaway in Perth, Australia.

The couple was seen enjoying each other's company in their swimming outfits during a sun-soaked afternoon on a beach.

Reportedly, Walsh started dating her boyfriend, a farmer by profession, right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.