Chilean YouTuber Tomás Blanch, mostly known for his YouTube moniker Tomiii 11, died on August 30, 2021, at 9 in the morning.

Moments after the devastating hour, his father, Vicente Blanch, opened up to Chilean outlet BioBioChile, disclosing the 12-year-old took his last breath in the company of his family, including mother Carolina and sister Sofia. 

He also expressed his grief and stated that his "greatest achievement" was gone. 


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While the grieving father didn't elaborate on the cause of death, it is clear that the young YouTuber succumbed to a degenerative brain tumor he was battling for years. 

The untreatable tumor had severely affected his eyes and extremities, preventing him from normally seeing, speaking, and moving his limbs. And his condition was reportedly getting worse every day. 

Tomiii 11’s Death Affected His Parents

After his heartbreaking demise, Blanch's uncle Alejandro Blanch shared his grief with Meganoticias. The uncle disclosed that Tomiii's death hurt his parents the most, stating that the family was dismayed by the ordeal. 

In his own words, his brother and his sister-in-law's whole world had come undone, and the entire experience was kind of sweet and sour. 


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His uncle recounted how he wanted to share his daily life with the world and make his story heard. He shared his nephew loved making videos of horses, cats, and his real-life on his YouTube channel. 

After walking down memory lane, Alejandro shared that the family will organize his funeral on September 1, 2021, in his native commune in Rengo. 

Tomiii 11’s Rise on YouTube

Blanch opened his YouTube channel on January 4, 2021, and started uploading his videos from March. His first video, titled 'Test Video,' saw him dancing and singing for twenty seconds. 

After the debut, the aspiring influencer started posting videos regularly, with the help of his family members. He would talk about his daily life or play video games. 

But amid all the content, the one that captured everyone's heart was his video about his health condition and his determination to make it big on YouTube. 

At first, the gaming community took an interest in his content and publicized the kid's talent. Eventually, his story reached people worldwide, and they started subscribing to his channel. 

Blanch dreamt of having hundred thousand followers and the silver plate from YouTube. For that very reason, he consistently uploaded his videos.

To his surprise, people from all walks of life empathized with him, and he accomplished his target shortly. So much so, he amassed over 8 million subscribers, earning the golden plate from YouTube. 

For his inspiring determination and unbelievable achievement, Blanch earned the Copihue de Oro award in the YouTuber of the Year category. In addition, he also received the Giga Awards for being the best Chilean YouTuber.

Without a doubt, Blanch left behind a legacy of making dreams possible, even in the face of adversities. He will always be remembered and loved.