Tom Segura’s parents are just as funny as he is, if not more! And Segura had just the anecdote to prove it. 

During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Segura narrated how his father broke the news of his skin infection to the comedian, with several photos of the supposedly infected site. 


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Tom Segura's Dad Shared Photos

In the clip posted on Segura's Instagram on September 9, 2021, the comedian outed that he had been hanging out with his parents recently, and he jumped right into the meat of the story. 

A month before he came to Joe Rogan's show, Segura had received a series of texts from his father, each containing photos of skin. He claimed that the pictures were so zoomed-in that one could clearly see that it was a part of the human body but not be able to quite discern where it was on the body. 

A while later, Segura's dad called him and asked, "Did you see what I sent you?" The comic affirmed and questioned his father, "What is that?" 


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It turns out the pictures were of the region between his scrotum and rectum. At this point, Rogan has burst out laughing. 

Tom Segura's Parents Took the Photos Together

Segura's father then shared how he had an infection down there, and instead of telling his son that he had an infection, he decided to show it directly to him. While this father-son conversation was taking place, his mother chimed in and said,

He makes me take pictures and I show them to him and he goes, 'This is not good enough, take another one.'

Segura began ranting about how his father was holding his legs up like a child changing a diaper, and his mother was taking pictures of an infection on his "taint." 


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Jokes aside, the infection was actually pretty serious. He had to undergo surgery to get rid of it, and he was very proud of it. 

About a week after sending the photos over text, Segura's dad finally met him in person during one of his shows, and this time he had his big guns loaded—he brought his iPad. 

Tom Segura's Dad Brought Back the Pictures

His dad called Segura over and pulled out the same photos, but this time on the huge iPad screen.

"Your taint again," Segura exclaimed. His father questioned, "Did I show you this?" 

Of course, he replied yes and explicitly stated that he did not want to see any of those photos again. While all this was going on, Segura noticed that his father had no idea about how inappropriate it was. 


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Two days prior to the JRE recording, Segura met his father again, and like before, he called Segura and said, "Come here. Let me show you something." But this time around, the comedian had already learned his lesson.

He outright told his father that if it was a picture of his groin, he was not at all interested in seeing it.