Often behind every successful person, stands a supportive partner, helping, encouraging when low, and laughing with when high. Likewise, Jessica Rogan portrayed the similar role for Joe Rogan which not only garnered her fame but blissful married life. 

The Arizona-native rose to fame as being a millionaire wife of exceptional stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan. As for herself, she's roled as an assistant in the production of the documentary film, Hollywood, and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed.

The following wiki facts of Jessica imparts her bio, parents, and marital status with Joe Rogan.

1. Jessica Rogan's Wiki Featuring Her Age, Parents

Jessica Rogan was born to parents; father, Robert Schimmel, and mother, Vicki Schimmel on 28 June 1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was raised in a massive family along with five siblings.

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Despite spending her childhood with her mom Vicki, life turned fate, and she had to episode her adulthood with step-mom Melissa Schimmel, who was just four years elder than her age.

However, it had nothing to do with Jessica's personal life development as she pursued her higher education from the University of Arizona and graduated in Psychology later.

As for her height, she stands a tad shorter than her husband, Joe Rogan whose height is 5 feet and 6 inches (according to wikis).

2. How Much Does Jessica Aggregate As Net Worth From Her Job?

Jessica Rogan has nurtured a significant net worth (undisclosed) from her job as a product analyst for Volvo Motorposrts alongside working as a cocktail waitress back in 90's.

However, Jessica has her expenses sorted by her husband, Joe, who has collected a substantial net worth of $25 million from his tenure as; a professional actor, show host, stand up comedy, daily podcast since 1988. 

Never the less, Joe Rogan is also adding to his increasing wealth after he started giving live commentaries for the UFC since 1997.

3. At Age 40, Jessica Rogan Is Blessed With Joe Rogan & Three Daughters

Behind a strong man, stands a strong woman; her character bolsters him.

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Jessica Rogan, who proved out to be the strong woman on Joe's influential career, went down the aisle in a private wedding with Joe Rogan in 2010.

Before their marriage, the stand-out comedian had shared a lovely pursuit with Joe Rogan for two years and even shared a daughter before.

The proud parents of a daughter added more responsibilities welcoming their second daughter, a year after they exchanged the wedding vows.

Family First:  Joe Rogan and Jessica Rogan with their two children in the streets of California in 2015 (Photo: alamy.com)

As of now, the happily married couple has three daughters altogether; two of their own and a stepdaughter Kayla, who is eldest of the three with 20 years of age.

Speaking about fatherhood, Joe Rogan in his 2008 interview with The Orange County Register, shared both sides of parenting from his perception; Mentioning it as the rewarding thing on the positive side, and a hard thing to figure out why the babies cry for on the negative side.

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As of now, the family of five are blissfully enjoying their life residing in Bell Canyon, California.