Jessica Ditzel Rogan, a former cocktail waitress, is the wife of Joe Rogan, a celebrated UFC commentator, podcaster, and stand-up comedian. However, very little information is known about Rogan's wife, considering that Rogan has enormous popularity and fame via his podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience.

More interestingly, the internet, especially some online portals, has been delivering the wrong details about Rogan's wife, Jessica Ditzel.

This article brings a righteous wiki about Ditzel—including information about her origin, family, past relationships, height, and personal life with husband Joe Rogan and daughters. Also, find out the wrong information that has been floating around on the internet about Ditzel.

Internet Has Been Wrong About Jessica Ditzel By Mixing Her With Jessica Schimmel and Jessica Rogan Campbell

The internet has been flooded with wrong information about Ditzel, as many sites such as Cheatsheet, Distractify, Cinemaholic, and so on have mixed the information of two other Jessica's (Jessica Schimmel and Jessica Rogan Campbell) with Rogan's wife.

The outlets mentioned above report that Rogan's wife is the daughter of comedian Robert Schimmel. In addition to that, those outlets have also reported on Ditzel's profession, citing that she has been involved as a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports and has also worked as a model. But all this information is not true.

However, the above information—connected with Ditzel—actually is true for the other two Jessicas. One of those Jessica is Jessica Schimmel Katz, a television producer by profession. Schimmel is indeed the daughter of comedian Robert Schimmel and his wife, Vicki Schimmel. She was married to Benjamin Katz, and presently she is a single mom of two gregarious girls. She goes by the username @jschimmelk on Instagram.

The next Jessica is Jessica Rogan Campbell, who goes by the username @jessicarogancampbell on Instagram. She is a model, aspiring pro driver, and product analyst for Volvo Motorsports. She has also been married to Sports Car Engineer Rob Campbell. Together, they recently welcomed their first baby boy named James Patrick Campbell on November 13, 2020.

Find the comparing collage picture of three Jessica in a single frame below!

Jessica Ditzel Rogan, Jessica Schimmel, and Jessica Rogan Campbell's comparing picture

Collage picture showing three Jessicas—Jessica Schimmel Katz, Jessica Ditzel Rogan, and Jessica Rogan Campbell (Photo Edit: HM Editor)

In short, Jessica Ditzel, Jessica Schimmel, and Jessica Rogan are three different people—Jessica Ditzel is the actual wife of Joe Rogan, and her profession is unknown. In contrast, Jessica Schimmel is the daughter of late comedian Robert Schimmel, and she works as a television producer. Finally, Jessica Rogan is a model and product analyst for Volvo Motorsports.

Joe Rogan's Wife Was Born And Raised In A Middle-Class American Family

Rogan's wife, Ditzel, was born on July 18, 1975, in Sugar Land, Texas, according to Coursehero. Her father is Jeff Conrad Ditzel, a musician with The Ditch Pickles band. She also has an older sister named Trinity Carver-Ditzel.

Her family was a middle-class American family based in Sugar Land when Jessica was born. Later, her family moved to Houston, Texas.

According to Legit, Ditzel attended Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and graduated in 1993. Following that, she went to California to get a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University.

Jessica Ditzel Worked As A Cocktail Waitress 

After her graduation, Jessica Ditzel worked as a cocktail waitress in a local Los Angeles bar, as reported by Rollingstone. And that is when she also met her now-husband, Joe Rogan. However, it is still unclear and undisclosed when (year) she started and quit her waitress profession.

In addition to that, Ditzel has not disclosed any of the professional details that she might have been involved in since then.

Is Joe Rogan Shorter Than Wife Jessica Ditzel Rogan?

According to Celebheights, Joe Rogan stands somewhere around 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Speaking about his wife, Ditzel's exact height is not disclosed as of yet.

Joe Rogan and his wife Jessica Ditzel Rogan

Joe Rogan and his wife Jessica Ditzel Rogan (Photo: VeryCeleb)

However, if we go by their images together and compare their heights, it is evident that Joe Rogan is shorter than his wife. Hence, Ditzel is definitely taller than 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters).

Ditzel Already Had a Daughter When She Met Joe Rogan

Before meeting Rogan, Ditzel was in a relationship with late musician Kevin 'Dino' Connor, popularly known as Dino. With Dino, Rogan's now-wife gave birth to a daughter, Kayja Rose, on August 23, 1996.

Sadly, the H-Town's founder Dino and his then-girlfriend Teshya Rae Weisent died in a car crash in 2003.

While replying to her follower in her now-deleted Instagram post's comment sections on February 10, 2016, Kayja Rose confirmed that her mother was in a relationship with Dino in the past, and the late H-band founder was indeed her father. She also confirmed that the girl who died with her father was not her mother but her dad's girlfriend at that time.

Remembering her father, Kayja usually posts about her late father on her Instagram handle. She has even followed her father's footsteps, as she has also established her career as an R&B artist.

Jessica Ditzel Has Been Married To Joe Rogan Since 2009

According to Rollingstone, about a decade after she started dating Rogan, Ditzel finally got married in 2009.

The couple welcomed their first baby, Lola, together in 2008, before they got married. And in 2010, a year after their wedding, they gave birth to their second biological daughter, Rosy.

After the wedding, the popular podcast host also adopted his wife's daughter, Kayja Rose.

Presently, Ditzel resides with her family—she has been enjoying being the mother of three daughters.