American country singer-songwriter Toby Keith and his wife Tricia Lucus have been married to each other for over thirty-seven years. The couple met each other for the first time at a nightclub in Oklahoma in 1981.

It was love at first sight, which began when Keith and Lucus shared a dance together. That dance left a lasting impression in their hearts. They have been enjoying each other's company since then.


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Toby Keith's Relationship History with Wife Lucus

Per The Boot, Keith's wife Lucus labeled the singer to be "one of those larger-than-life guys," a claim based on Keith's confidence which he displayed while approaching his then-future wife. 

According to People, Lucus also has called her husband Keith to be "the most romantic person on the planet."

She made the claim after Keith's 2001 album How Do You Like Me Now was awarded the Album of the Year by the Academy Of Country Music Aawards.  

Singer Keith was twenty-two years when he got married to his current wife, Lucus. The couple soon became parents for the first time after their kid, daughter Krystal Keith, was born.

The couple became biological parents for the second time after the birth of their son, Stelen Keith Covel. 

However, way before daughter Krystal was born, Keith adopted Lucus's daughter named Shelley Rowland from her previous partner.

Shelley was born in 1980, making her the eldest kid in the household after her adoption

To supply for his family, Keith used to work in the oil fields with his dad long before he turned to pursue a career in music. 

According to Keith, many implored his wife, Lucus, to ask her husband to get a real job instead of his then-current job where the singer would sometimes witness the death of people.

After quitting his job, Keith took to singing and joined a group called Easy Money Band. Keith would play gigs at night bars with his band and yield a low income of $35.

However, his wife saw the singing talent in Keith and inspired him to try his luck in the entertainment industry. Since then, he has gone to become a household name in Country music. 

A Look into Their Kids

The country singer's family is currently blessed with grandkids after their two daughters got married and gave birth to their own kids.

Firstly, their eldest daughter Shelley is married and looks after her two kids. But, unfortunately, there is not much concrete information regarding her whereabouts and career. 

Her half-siblings, on the other hand, have followed their biological father into the entertainment business. Keith's firstborn is a country singer, just like her popular father.


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The year 2004 saw the father and daughter work together for the first time as they sang a cover duet of Inez and Charlie Foxx's hit number 'Mockingbird.'

The song was later featured on Keith's 2004 album titled Greatest Hits 2. Krystal performed the song with her father at the 2004 Country Music Association awards. 

On October 23, 2010, the 36-year-old got married to her husband Andrew Robert Sandubrae and is currently the mother of her two daughters. 

Keith and Lucus's last-born son, Stelen, is in the music industry. However, unlike his father and sister Krystal, he chose to remain behind the scenes.

Stelen and his longtime friend, Zeke Benoit, run a concert booking company named Nostalgic Nights, a firm they both co-founded.