Tim Dillon didn't like the SNL sketch that aired on November 13, 2021, featuring Aidy Bryant as Ted Cruz and Pete Davidson as Joe Rogan. He bared his opinion about the performance through a series of tweets the next day.

"There were a hundred ways to do this sketch and have it be funny. The show now is just lazy mediocre hacks," the comedian stated in his first tweet, sharing a video from the show. 

In the second tweet, the 36-year-old clarified that he didn't have a problem with the show but just the sketches.

"People saying SNL hasn't been funny since the 70s are wrong," he opined, adding that the comedians like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Seth Meyers, Cheri Oteri, and Molly Shannon were brilliant. 

In addition, Dillon heralded Saturday Night Live as the singular greatest US comedy platform, but he stressed that the recent sketch was "BAD."

The New York native clarified it was terrible not because the sketch made fun of his friend Rogan or Ivermectin but because it did so in the "laziest way possible." He even added that the presentation was talking points and not jokes. 

"Comedy shows can have a point of view: mine does. But it should also occasionally have comedy," Dillon remarked at the end of his third tweet. 

While the stand-up comedian shared his piece of mind without sugarcoats, not all of his followers and colleagues agreed with him, especially fellow comedian Michael Che.

Michael Che Slammed Dillon for SNL Review

Moments after Dillon's tweet hit the internet, Che posted a series of Instagram stories, stating he wasn't happy with the humorist's opinion. 

"You gotta be kidding me, Tim Dillon. Whats the world coming to?" he wrote in his first story. Then, Che cryptically slammed Dillon and his career, implying that he earned only 190K a month on Patreon. 

He referred to Dillon as a person "who really tried at stand-up and got nowhere, became a media personality cause its much easier." Che added, "We're all very happy for him. but don't get fresh, Tim."


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Dillon wasn't having any of it and fired back the SNL's co-head writer. He posted the screenshot of Che's story on his Twitter and wrote, "Here's the reality I sell more tickets than Michael Che ever has."

He noted how Che wasn't allowed to use Patreon because of his job at SNL. Then, he proudly stated that he had built something on his own, a feat he claimed Che had never conquered.

At the end of the tweet, Dillon blasted Che, stating he had "done well for a drunk who can barely read. But his show sucks. And he knows it."

Tim Dillon on Michael Che Spat and Career 

Dillon talked about his unexpected online spat with Che during his appearance on Luis J. Gomez's podcast on November 15, 2021.

As per his accounts, he was shocked to see his tweet trending on the platform. He had found the sketch to be a shoddy work with false claims and a lazy approach. And he just wanted to share his opinion on the issue. 

The show's funny but the reality is when they do this type of stuff which is so transparently like this political low-hanging fruit. 

He mentioned he had no issue with Che or the show itself. Dillon admitted he liked Che as a person and heralded him as one of the funniest comedians on SNL. 

Dillon insisted the latest sketch was an eyesore. He opined that his statements offended Che, and he had to defend himself and his career.

Dillon uttered he was proud of his career as a podcaster, stating he was glad he didn't make it to TV shows. In his own words, he was his boss and could do things he wanted to do.

He even said that he was proud of the fan base he had created over his 12-year spanning career in comedy. And at the end of the conversation, Dillon declared he had no personal issue with Che.