Tiffany Haddish is never really off the news. After her recent revelations that she had been preparing herself for a baby in the near future, she is now the center of another one of internet’s speculations.

People are speculating that she might be pregnant after one of her recent public appearances. But how true is this?

Could Tiffany Haddish be Pregnant?

So, what was it that started the rumors that she might be pregnant?

On October 13, 2021, many celebrities graced the red carpet ahead of the premiere for The Harder They Fall, Netflix’s big-budget Western. Among those making appearances was Haddish.

She appeared for the event looking stunning.

The Los Angeles native donned an Alexandre Vauthier long-sleeved olive green dress with embroidered crystals, complimented that with minimalistic jewelry on her fingers, and topped off the look with bronze-colored high heels.

Obviously, pictures were taken from many angles. And this is where the speculations began.

Netizens noticed that on the pictures where she is facing away from the camera, her belly area seems to be a bit raised. And this set off the new baby alerts.

In addition to this, a few other details have cropped up supporting this theory.

A YouTube channel named CeBe News uploaded a video on October 16, 2021, claiming to know a few inside details about Haddish from that night.

The video claimed that the comedian “did not drink a sip of alcohol at the event,” even though there was complimentary “high-end” champagne being offered to the guests.

The video also claimed that Haddish had a beautiful glow to her, generally associated with pregnancy, although it is not proof of anything.

Further, it also claimed to have spoken to two guests who were present at the event. The guests reportedly speculated that Haddish “appeared pregnant,” and one of them even said that she “looked and acted pregnant.”

Moving on to the comment section of the video, most of the reactions to this speculation are joyful and congratulatory towards the comedian.

“I am elated to know this — Tiffany you deserve all this and more for being a true Genuine person,” one user wrote.

Another expressed their happiness and positivity saying, “Congrats and l do hope she have a happy [healthy] pregnancy and hoping it is true...!!”

She Took Parenting Classes in May

Pregnant or not, Haddish is preparing herself for motherhood. In May 2021, she exclusively told E! Online that she was taking parenting classes, intending to adopt a child.

She even elaborated on her plans and disclosed that she wanted to adopt a child who was already five and up.

"I want them to be able to know how to use the restroom on their own and talk," Haddish added, alluding she wants them to understand they were loved and wanted, "I want them to know that I put in the work."

Right after the statement, the 41-year-old also clarified that if she were ever to get pregnant, she would marry her boyfriend, Common, and be his lawful wife, not his baby mama.

The pair has been dating since 2020.

And over the course of their relationship, Haddish has been vocal about her adoption plans.

Having been raised in foster care herself, she wanted to be a foster parent initially. But her legal advisors advised her to opt for adoption, given her celebrity status.

Complying with the instructions, Haddish looks forward to providing parental love to a needy child. She intends to "pour knowledge in... get them ready for the big, bad world."