Ti Taylor of Taylor Girlz is making headlines, but not because she wanted to. 

On November 11, a Facebook user named Dalaun Brenae exposed Taylor and her rather rude behavior. Brenae shared the interaction she had with Taylor when she visited the Morphe store she was working at. 


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Ti Taylor Accused of Behaving Conceitedly

Brenae claimed that as a sales employee, she was trying to help a customer who happened to be Taylor. 

She went up to greet a customer, asking if the customer was finding everything okay, but when the customer turned around, she saw it was Taylor. She said she did not know Taylor's name but recognized that she was famous, so she stated, "I know you! You're famous."

In response, Taylor said "very," to which Brenae replied Taylor could let her know if she needed help to find anything and walked away to the register. In the Facebook status, she also wrote, "Lemme take my peasant self back to the register lol."

Brenae also shared that Taylor bought nothing in the comment section, but her MUA purchased some items for his makeup kit and was very sweet. 

Dalaun Brenae's Facebook Status (Source: Dalaun Brenae's Facebook)

Brenae did not know the story of her encounter with Ti would go viral. However, when people saw her story, they accused Taylor of behaving conceitedly. One person wrote in the comment section that she was not "very" famous because she had not even performed at the awards show. 

Ti Taylor Responds to the Accusations

Brenae's post must have caught Taylor's attention because later, she responded with a video by acting out two different interactions she had with a fan. 

The video was reshared on YouTube by Thevoice4dappl REACTS. 

In the first scenario, Taylor was sipping a cup of coffee when her friend Chris, assuming the role of a fan, approached her. He introduced himself and said he knew her from YouTube and supported her and her sister so much. 

Taylor then thanked Chris for the support, and the two embraced in a hug, both saying that it was nice to meet the other. Taylor then asked Chris if he wanted a picture. The first scenario ended like that, and the video then cut to Taylor saying, "now this is the wrong way," and reenacted a second scenario. 

In the second scenario, Chris came up behind her with a loud "HEEYYY" and then waved and pointed his fingers at Taylor's face rather rudely. He then said, "don't I know you? You famous or something," to which an annoyed Taylor responded with, "you tell me."

Chris then noted that she knew her. Taylor seemed to hint that the second interaction was what happened between her and the Morphe employee. 

However, at this point, nothing can be said for sure about what went down at the Morphe store.