At first, the ‘Bundles’ remix drama was about Kayla Nicole and Taylor Girlz, but now the feud has escalated and morphed into something completely different. Asian Doll recently went on a rant and accused Ti Taylor of stealing her studio session time with Future. 

She revealed that she had met up with Future at the studio, and Ti tagged along. But at the studio session, Ti cut in and tried to play her own music. 

But of course, the Taylor sisters were not having any of it and released a video on their YouTube channel addressing all of Asian Doll’s claims. 

Taylor Girlz Address Asian Doll’s Claims

The sisters started the video by noting that Asian Doll should have left out their names while talking to her fans, especially since they were still friends before listening to her leaked audio.

They revealed they met Future at a club, and her team had approached the rapper and found out that he was heading to the studio. They claimed it was not Asian Doll who invited them, but she was the one who joined them to go to the studio.

When they got to the studio, there were many other artists, and everyone was playing their own music. 

They explained that Asian Doll had spun the story to make it seem like Future had invited only her to the studio, which was not true. Instead, Asian Doll played her song for Future because he was giving everyone a chance, and after that, it was the sisters’ turn.  

Taylor Girlz played 3 songs for Future, stayed for an hour, and then left. They explained that the studio session happened on August 23, and after that, they had no bad blood with Asian Doll and were still hanging out.

After the YouTube video, Asian Doll went on Instagram Live and responded to the sisters' claims. She shared she was standing firmly with her previous statements, but she changed one truth. She explained she allowed Ti to play her music. 

Taylor Girlz and Asian Doll Spotted at the Same Club

But now fans are claiming that the beef between the sisters and Asian Doll is fake. According to video footage, Asian Doll and the Taylor sisters were spotted at the same club together. They did not go together, but they were in the same location.

It could have been a coincidence since they live in the same city, but according to The Tea Room channel, they were at a listening party for artists, and the suspicious thing was that Asian Doll was seen vibing and dancing to the sisters’ song. 

After everyone saw this, fans felt that the beef was staged to create hype around their songs right before release. But the channel put a disclaimer that maybe both the sisters and Asian Doll had planned to go to the party to release their music, and neither of them wanted to back out. 

But all of this is speculation, and only the girls themselves know the truth.