Thor Bjornsson, aka. 'The Mountain,' has earned his title: The World's Strongest Man, amongst other strongman titles. He is truly the best in the world at what he does.

During a recent sit down with YouTuber Logan Paul on his Impaulsive Podcast, the Icelandic strongman recalled a sparring session he had with pro-boxer Conor McGregor before his rise to fame.

Conor McGregor vs. The Mountain

After dwelling a little bit on Bjornsson's titles and achievements as a strong man, Paul expertly navigated the conversation to fighting, more specifically boxing. In almost no time, the two were conversing about the sparring session between Bjornsson and McGregor.

Bjornsson instantly clarified the conditions under which he and McGregor entered the ring. He explicitly established that he had never worked with McGregor, only spun with him for five minutes. 

As if the gravitas was not evident, Paul said that he had seen videos of said "spin" and added that the video was fascinating because the two men in the ring were best in class. 

Thor Bjornsson Was In Complete Control

However, as the narrator shifted, so did the narration. According to the world's strongest man, the fight was not as evenly matched as Paul described it to be.

"Could you feel [McGregor's] adeptness and ability to move bodies and strike?" Paul questioned, "Or, did you feel like you had full control of him?"

Paul's questions were wholly justified, though. On one side, there was Bjornsson, and on the other, McGregor. Both were individuals whose physical prowess needed no introduction. Still, Bjornsson replied, 

There was a time where I had to grab him when I felt like I can crush this guy. But, he had a fight against Aldo, I think, a week later so I was like, 'I better be nice to him.'

Thor Bjornsson Went Easy on Conor McGregor

Bjornsson explained that he deliberately went easy on McGregor because he did not want to injure the MMA legend just a week before the biggest fight of his life. 

Well, Bjornsson wasn't wrong there. McGregor slapping that 12-second knockout against Aldo sent his popularity through the stratosphere. 

The Icelandic giant also joked about how McGregor should come to thank him for going easy during that short sparring session. Or perhaps, even pay Bjornsson a little for not crushing him right before his accent.

But in McGregor's defense, The Mountain did not get his name for nothing. He is a giant who walks six feet nine inches tall with a massive 400-pound frame on him. The guy is twice as big as McGregor, which gives him a considerable advantage in a setting like this. Check It out for yourself:

Much like Paul, Bjornsson has also been trying his hand at combat sports lately, specifically boxing. Most recently, he scored a victory against veteran strongman Devon Larratt.

Going by how Bjornsson described his feeling when he was in the ring, he sure has a liking for it. He especially seemed to have a taste for the adrenaline rush he felt just moments before stepping into the ring in any fight.