It’s no secret that UFC fighter Conor McGregor is one of the most celebrated fighters in the history of UFC, with record-breaking accolades to his name.

He shocked the world at UFC 194 when he knocked out his opponent in just 13 seconds to score the quickest victory in a UFC title fight and earned the undisputed featherweight belt. The fighter promised to dominate all 3 weight classes but won titles in only two of them.

He talked his way into millions of dollars and a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. As fans and critics expected, Mayweather eventually won the fight after knocking him out in the 10th round. The fight generated the single biggest payday in sports history, and McGregor pocketed roughly $85 million from it.

McGregor journeyed his way to the superstar life just like that, but many don’t know that his 2 sisters are equally well known in their native Ireland.

Erin McGregor

McGregor has two older sisters with whom he shares a tight bond. Erin McGregor is the oldest of the McGregor siblings, and like the UFC fighter, she shares the same passion for sports.

She has competed in various professional bodybuilding and won several awards on a competitive level. The professional bodybuilder regards her brother as her inspiration for her all her achievements and goals.

I was totally naive going into the bodybuilding scene. There is a vast amount of sacrifice. It was only when I competed that I truly understood how hard Conor works.

But sports is not all that she does. Adding to her already impressive resume, she is also a fitness model, dancer, and hairdresser. Not many know that the oldest McGregor made it to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars Ireland. 

Fans may not be familiar with everything that Erin does, but many will undoubtedly recognize some of her (hair) work, as she’s the hairdresser behind McGregor’s famous man bun. These days she is a full-time mom to her 2 children, whom she shares with her husband, Terry Kavanagh. 

Aoife McGregor

McGregor’s second sister, Aoife McGregor, differs from her 2 siblings and doesn’t share an affinity for athletics. She is a staunch supporter of her brother’s MMA career and is spotted cheering him on at many UFC events. 

She worked as a sales representative and eventually realized she wanted to be a make-up artist. She did a make-up course and got a job with one of the world’s biggest make-up brands, Mac. While at Mac, she started sharing pictures of her work on Instagram and generated a following. 

But despite being the sister to the biggest combat sports superstar, Aoife mostly stays away from the limelight. 

Obviously, I’m the sister of an extremely famous athlete, but it does not define me.

Aoife planned to launch a brand around fashion and beauty while quipping to Independent in 2017, although there has been no news yet. That same year she tied the knot with longtime partner Mark Elliot and is a stepmother to twins Amber and Chelsea Hatton.