The second weekend of the Coachella 2022 festivals ended on April 24, and closing out the festival was hitmaker, The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye. 

The singer closed out the annual music and arts festival with co-headliners Swedish House Mafia. 

They were announced as the headliners just two weeks before the show, after the original headliner Kanye West dropped out from the festivals. 

The tag-team headliners delivered a high-energy set, switching between solo and collaborative performances. 

During his 17-song set, Tesfaye performed songs that spanned his career — including ‘The Hills’ and ‘Blinding Lights.’

He gave the nod to West by singing the verse he did on the rapper’s Donda single ‘Hurricane.’

But it was his ‘Save Your Tears’ performance that made headlines. 

The Weeknd closing out the second weekend of Coachella 2022

The Weeknd closing out the second weekend of Coachella 2022. (Source: The Weeknd/Instagram)

During the song’s outro, a short voicemail recording by a mystery woman could be heard. 

The Weeknd’s Coachella Performance 2022 Voicemail

Many people thought it was Weeknd’s former girlfriend, Bella Hadid

“Hey, it’s me. I know it’s been a while, but I was just thinking about you, and I’m sorry about everything,” a woman was heard saying before Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia performed their track ‘Moth to a Flame.’

Some fans were convinced it was the supermodel as the Canadian musician and the model dated from 2015 to 2019.

They took to Twitter to discuss the voicemail.

"I'm cryinggg. There’s no way the weeknd played a Bella Hadid voicemail at Coachella," one fan tweeted. 

Another fan wrote, “Did The Weeknd just play an apology voicemail from Bella Hadid during this Coachella set?!?!?!?!??”

However, after some investigation, netizens discovered that the woman was singer Ruth Radelet. 

Radelet was a member of the American electronic band Chromatics before they broke up in 2021. 

The Weeknd had collaborated with the electronic band on the remix for his 2020 ‘Blinding Lights’ track which had an impressive run at No. 1 on the Billboards Hot 100 chart. 

If you tune in to the video of ‘Blinding Lights,’ the same message can be heard at 4 minutes 33 seconds into the song.

The Weeknd’s New Girlfriend

Not that we know we know who the mystery girl is; it looks like fans got excited for no reason. 

According to Hollywood Life, the singer is currently dating Hadid’s girl pal, Simi Khadra, one-half of the DJ twin duo Simi & Haze. 

The alleged couple looked cozy at Delilah’s in Las Vegas as they rang in Weeknd’s 32nd birthday on February 19.

Sources close to the supermodel spoke with the outlet and shared that the news did not faze her. 

“Bella is not concerned one way or another who Abel is dating, even if it is an old friend of hers. Bella knows that he’s been casually dating Simi for a while now and so it’s not really news to her,” said the insider.

However, they added that Hadid was a little bothered not because she was jealous but because Khadra broke the girl code. 

Hadid assumed that before Khadra dated her ex, she would speak to her about it first. 

The insider also added that the model had been dating art director Marc Kalman for so long that she no longer cared who the singer was seeing.