Life in Tinseltown is seldom short of drama, both on and off-screen. 

Take The Boys stars, Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty, for instance. The duo portrays two different camps of people with superpowers in the critically acclaimed superhero drama. However, according to fans, the two of them were more than just friends when the cameras were not rolling. 

Before getting into the dating rumors, it is worth mentioning that the cast of The Boys, however divided they may be on-screen, is often seen spending time together— some more than others. 


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Rumors Began on a Gossip Page

That is probably how the fans first caught wind of the alleged romance. As per the anonymous celebrity gossip handle, Deuxmoi, Starr, and Moriarty keep their romance low-key. 

Upon further digging, the source of these alleged dating rumors could be traced back to a cryptic email delivered to the gossip page's mailing address. While the email only disclosed that "one of the halves just had his birthday," and referred to The Boys as "the current biggest streaming show," the fans were quick to decode the message. 

See the message and Deuxmoi's invitation for decoding the message below.

An Instagram story from Deuxmoi

An Instagram story from Deuxmoi (Source: Instagram)

The Instagram user who decoded the message drew their conclusions from the fact that the alleged girlfriend recently posted a few stories to celebrate Starr's birthday.

They even considered that the email's subject, "diabolical gals," was a reference to the word "diabolical" that has been used almost as a catchphrase in the show. 

Another user added that The Boys was the most popular streaming show on the internet around that time, and she had been posting about his birthday all day. They further pointed out that her alleged boyfriend has been in more of her posts than herself. 

Moriarty Had Eyes Set on Someone Else

Before the veil was lifted off the first email, the celebrity gossip handle gave other emails from the same source. The second email of the lot affirmed that the two celebs mentioned in the first email were a couple. 

They also claimed that "she" was going after another actor who she worked with on a show that was canceled. Admittedly, the first two messages were cryptic, and netizens would have had no way of confirming their speculations if not for the third email. 

The third email confirmed that both the replies that the gossip page got were on point. The anonymous source also hinted that the actress used to go after an ex-costar who was also older than herself. 

"They never dated — she is not his type," the anonymous source claimed. "Guess she moved on to this more recent costar. They're still friends tho."

The gossip site suspected that the older actor being referred to here was someone from Jessica Jones.

All that being said, a majority of internet sources claim that Starr is, in fact, dating someone else, a woman by the name of Lucy McLay.

Even his IMDb bio cites her as his partner. Any conversations had on whether or not this mystery woman is his wife is still just speculation.