American actress Aya Cash portrays Stormfront in the second season of the unorthodox superhero franchise, The Boys. But, her portrayal of the character might be a tad bit confusing to the comic readers who are used to watching Stormfront with different height, bulk,  gender, or even plot story.

So, what are the exact differences between her television versions and the comic's Stormfront? And what similarities do they bear? Find it out!


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What is the plot of 'The Boys'?

The superhero television series by Amazon is based on a group of seven superheros who run rouge and involve in sinister activities in the name of justice and maintaining their public image. The group is known as 'The Seven,' and Vought International owns them.

The show contrasts the superheros' reputation, narcissism, and selfishness by adding an unconventional group of superpower-less vigilantes called 'The Boys' into the mix. The member of this latter group are misfits, with each having their own personal agendas. But, they team up to take down 'The Seven.' 

Members of 'The Seven' and 'The Boys'

Note that the members listed here may not represent their current status in the team. The listing was done based on original affiliations.

'The Boys': Billy Butcher (leader), Mother's Milk, Female of the Species a.k.a Kimiko Miyashiro, Hughie Campbell, and  Frenchie ' The Frenchmen,' Lieutenant Colonel Mallory, and The Legend.

Miyashiro is the only person in the group with superhuman abilities.

'The Seven': Homelander (leader), Jack From Jupiter, Black Noir, The Deep, Translucent, Stormfront, The Lampfighter, Starlight, and A-train. 

Starlight is the only the person in the group who chooses to be a good superheros unlike her partners-in-crime 

Brief Background of Stormfront in Comics

In the comics, Stormfront roots are connected to his creation in Nazi Germany amidst the second world war. He was transferred to the US after Hitler labeled him as a dangerous acquisition. 

In his adulthood, he became a popular superhero and the leader of the group called Payback.  

Aya Cash's Stormfront is a Member Of 'The Seven'

Actress Aya Cash joined The Boys in 2020 for the second season after its first season did very well on Amazon Prime in 2019.

In the show, she appeared as a tech-savvy social butterfly hired by Vought International—a multibillionaire conglomerate with global agenda, global control mechanisms for superheros, and indirect government affiliations—to be a member of 'The Seven,' a satirical version of 'The Avengers' and 'Justice League.' She replaced the now-deceased character, Translucent.

Vought International in the series was originally founded by a Nazi scientist named Federick Vought, who was appointed as a chief physician by Hitler himself. The major tasks Vought handled in Nazi Germany was to develop the compound V that would gift humans superhuman abilities.

But when he realized that Germany would lose the war, he sided with the Allied forces and escaped to the United States with the help of his new association. The forces made sure that Vought's research on Compound V and covert experimentation on American soldiers continued at any cost. They even negotiated his pardon with President Roosevelt.  

Stormfront from the 'The Boys' Comics Is Male

You read that, right! Stormfront in the comics is portrayed by a bulked-up, tall male persona—who swiftly moves up to the leadership of a superhero team named Payback and develops to an archenemy Of The Boys and The Seven. 

Stormfron On The Boys Comics

Stormfront's character in the comics (Photo: Fandom)

On the contrary,  the Amazon version of Stormfront portrayed by Cash is s a brunette with a height of 5 feet 2 inches. And, she cares very much about her presence on social media.


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Major Differences Between Amazon and Comics Stormfront

Cash's Stormfront is very different from the comic book pages based on the depth of character. Here are some major differences:

Gender: Cash's version is a female, whereas the printed version is a male.

Age: Comics' Stormfront appears as a middle-aged man, whereas the Cash's version looks younger. But in reality,  Cash's version is aging slowly, probably because of the effects of compound V. 

Custome Design:  Cash' version also retains the red and black costume scheme of the comics version, but the use of red design is in the reduced stage.

German and Nazi alliances: Cash's version is a former wife of Fedrick Vought. She is the first successful subject of Vought's experiment. She has a daughter named Chole. 

On the other hand, comics' Stormfront was born to one of the many pregnant women who were subjects of Vought experimentation. 

Powers: Both versions have superhuman durability, superhuman strength, and flight powers. But the core difference in powers between them lies in the ability to control electricity.

Cash's Stormfront can manipulate plasma and charged particles. She can shoot electrical blasts and also has longevity and healing powers. She was born in 1919 but still looks young.

However, the comics version has the ability of electrokinesis that gives him the ability to control electricity and weather. He also has leadership capabilities.


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What Does The Two Stormfront Versions Share In Common?

Though Aya Cash's and the comic's Stormfront have many differences, they are the same character. Saying so, what Cash's character pulled from the pages of the graphic novel to the Amazon Prime hit is the character's superpowers. Both of them can manipulate electricity while having superhuman endurance, stamina, and strength.

Moreover, both of the versions of the character make a powerful antagonist because of their brewing rivalry with members of any group they support or oppose. 

But, the core similarity between them is their tendency to be racial supremacists. The printed version views non-Aryan races as inferior, whereas Cash's version thinks that there's ongoing war "for the culture" in which other races have been unrightfully benefitted.

In one episode, she tells Homelander that Vought's destiny is to develop a new race of superior superhumans.

And in  In many other episodes, fans have seen her racial tendency and full-blown racist character. In the series, when Myron, a person of color, confronts Stormfront's morals, she replied, "I am a hero. For killing a black piece of shit like you."


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Stormfront's character will unmistakably get even more profound as the show progresses. She may even add to the character arc of the not-so-righteous parody of superman, Homelander. In the future, it may also be revealed about her contribution to his creation.