Spoilers For Season 1 Ahead!

When The Boys first premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2019, it offered a fresh take on the established superhero narrative by instead subverting it.

In the world of The Boys, superheroes aren’t the benevolent figures we take for granted. Instead, they are morally questionable icons with superhuman abilities who work in the interest of mega private cooperation called 'Vought International.' The organization's primary goal is to capitalize on the superheroes' image and influence.

Based on Garth Ennin’s comic book series 'The Boys', the series plot follows a group of vigilantes (called "The Boys"), destined to take down a bunch of superheroes collectively called "The Seven"( or supes as "The Boys" call them).

 (Source: Amazon Prime Video's YouTube)

In a nutshell, the show begs questions such as: What if our favorite superhero was a sociopath with maternal issues? Wouldn’t it be possible for the Invisible man to abuse his power by spying on ladies' in washrooms?

With blood and gore-filled reinvention of the superhero genre, the show has garnered wide popularity and has become the most-watched show from Amazon.

With the shows' season two right around the corner, The Boys is returning with more gore, action, and further dive into the complexities of a world filled with these unreliable superheroes.

When Will The Boys Season 2 Premiere?

The wait for Amazon's most-watched original series won't be too long as season two will premiere on 4th September 2002 through Amazon Prime Video.

However, each episode will premiere on a weekly basis, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait. Also, a short movie based on The Boys will be released after season 2 ends. The movie is set to focus on events surrounding Butcher( one of the titular characters from the show) before the continuity of the second season.

The Boys showrunner and cast unite for the virtual Comic-Con panel held on 24th July 2020 (Video Source: IGN's Youtube)

Nonetheless, there's more good news for fans: the show has been renewed for season 3 as well. It was confirmed by Amazon Prime during the shows Comic-Con@Home appearance held on 23rd July 2020.

Season 2 Trailer Reveal

The first teaser for The Boys second season was released by Amazon back in December 2019 and the official trailer followed a year later.

Official trailer of The Boys Season 2 (Source: Amazon Prime Video's YouTube)

The full-fledged trailer prominently featured scenes of Butcher in several random fight scenes. It also provided glimpses of the battle between "The Boys" members such as Butcher and Kimiko and "The Seven" members such as Black Noir and the newly introduced character, Stormfront.

Season 2 Plot and Trailer Breakdown

The two-minute trailer gave hints into some interesting events that might unfold in season 2. The trailer seems to put a focus on Butcher's return, his plan to take down "The Sevens," and his personal life struggles.

 Let's take a look at the three plot possibilities for the new season from the trailer.

1. Twisted Triangle: Butcher, His Wife & Homelanders Family

The previous season finale ended on a cliffhanger that showed wounded Butcher reunited with his wife Becca, Homelander, and the son of Becca and Homelander. This left audience wondering more on whether he’ll make it out alive from the clutches of this powerful "supe".

In the first season, Butcher was motivated to bring down 'The Seven' mainly because of their involvement in his wife Becca's disappearance. And there was a twist in the plot when it came to light that the relation( or affair) between her and Homelander was consensual. 


Butcher's wife Becca's affair with Homelander's led to the birth of a boy with Superhuman abilities

So, in the new season, Butcher's wife will have to choose sides between Homelander and Butcher. Will she continue to be on good terms with Butcher or leave him to be with Homelander? And what step will Butcher take against Homelander? Let's wait and watch.

2. The Boy’s Fight For Survival

The season 2 trailer bought to light that all the members of "The Boys"( i.e Frenchy, Hughie, Mother's Milk, and Kimiko) are on the run from "The Seven." And the worst is yet to come for 'the boys' as even the authorities are after them. At one point in the trailer, we can see "The Boys" are running away in a boat with an NYPD helicopter scanning their presence in the background.


If 'The Seven" catch up with them, they are likely to lose in a direct confrontation since none of them possess any superhuman abilities except Kimiko—who almost died in the hands of Black Noir in the first season.

But if Starlight—one of the "Supes"—was to help them, they might have a chance to work out a plan to take down the group of "Supes."

If you didn't know, Starlight has been on the side of "The Boys" secretly since the first season. She has been seeing "The Boys" member Hughie.   

3. Stormfront's Intervene

Fans were introduced to a new character named Stormfront through the official first look clip released by Amazon Prime Video in June 2020. The two and half minute clip gave a clear sign on another challenge Homelander and possibly Vought International will have to deal it.

The teaser starts off with an advertisement shoot in a military-base setup where Homelander and Queen Maeve are trying to hype the public about the inclusion of "The Supes" into the military.

But our new character Stormfront cuts off the scene by leaking the whole production set on her live Instagram stream. At one point, she says:

“Oh, FYI. Not a real base.”

First Look clip of The Boys season 2 (Source: Amazon Prime Video's YouTube)

Stormfront also introduces herself as the new member of "The Seven" and says she is joining as a replacement for Translucent. The latter one was killed off in the first season by Hughie: a member of "The Boys."

Expect the new character to bring troubles to :The Sevens" in the upcoming season because of her carefree attitude. 

Where To Watch 'The Boys'?

The show is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video that has a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 per month.

Viewers also have the option to buy each episode of The Boy’s first season on VUDU for $1.99.