While The Bachelorette is coming to its business end, many fans were rooting for Michael Allio to be the one for Katie Thurston.

But Allio, who had made it to Thurston's final four, together with Blake Moynes, Greg Grippo, and Justin Glaze, shocked fans with the news of his exit.

Yes, that's right! The reality star announced he would no longer be part of the season during the July 26 episode.

The decision came after his heartbreaking phone call with his 4-year-old son James, in which the little boy queried aloud if his dad didn't want to see him.

"It was obviously a really difficult decision [to leave the show]," he candidly told People. "But as a parent, it was black and white."

Allio, who is raising his son as a single dad after his wife Laura died of cancer in 2019, further explained the challenges of being a single parent, saying,

And I think a lot of single parents probably have to deal with the fact that when they're pursuing their own happiness, it does take a little bit from the time they're spending with their child. It's a constant balancing act that's happening.

Michael Allio on Getting Closure

Before leaving the show, the 37-year-old business owner also sat down with Thurston during the 'Men Tell All' special, which gave him the closure he was longing for.

In the interview with People, he opened up about his desire to have that conversation with her for a while. He expressed, saying it had been on his mind since the day he left New Mexico.

He also expressed his gratitude towards her for providing him clarity on "starting over" and finding the right love all over again.

The closure I got was basically that the position I put her in created a chain reaction for other things — I know that when I left, there were three amazing guys [Blake Moynes, Greg Grippo and Justin Glaze] that could have had better relationships [with her] than me the entire time. 

Regarding whether he would be back on other seasons of the show, Allio is unsure if he would return and repeat the same process once again. But he is hopeful that one way and another, he will find his special someone one day.

Thurston Has Her Say on the Finale

After the 'Men Tell All' special on July 26, Thurston also sat down with Glamour magazine and talked about Allio's exit. She said she felt most nervous before meeting Allio, which was also the hardest part since their break-up.

But after she met him, relived her moments, and got closure, she started feeling good. Spilling some beans about the finale, Thurston stated the truth [or the winner] would come out on August 9.

"But everything happens for a reason, that’s the biggest thing I’ve been saying...you deal with the cards you’ve been dealt, and you can’t live with regret or questioning what ifs," she added.

Meanwhile, she also shared that she had been doing well and was happy with the process to date.